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The administration department

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Administration The administration department also known as the services department provides important services for other departments within a business to help them function properly. Different companies have different uses for their administration department, like in a small business an administration department will be used to manage and take responsibility for departments like human resources or finance. In larger companies they require more departments such as marketing thus giving administration more responsibility over more departments in a business. Some examples of the work that the administration department are: * Clerical work, including filing and keeping records * Typing and other various secretarial duties * Organising meetings * Photocopying * Designing and producing forms * Reception and managing telephone calls * Dealing with queries * Collecting and distributing mail * Managing office resources The services which administration provide usually depends on the size of the business. In addition to the services mentioned above, administration also provides services such as cleaning, security and maintenance. Activities of the administration department Clerical services The main function of the administration department is mainly clerical, which is mainly office work like word processing of letters to organising company mail, the administration department provides these clerical services to other departments in the company in order to help them run more efficiently, ...read more.


annual accounts * Sorting out company mail, e.g. from people interested in buying into the franchise or general inquiries * Organising meetings, can possibly be done internally within McDonalds restaurants with staff and managers, but also can be done at a higher level between corporate executives and other organisations * Creating and keeping records, very important, as this is vital to monitor how the business is doing Cleaning and maintenance As with any other business cleanliness is vital, especially as McDonalds is a company, which deals with food and regularly young customers such as young children. As cleaning is so vital to McDonalds some of the tasks staff are required to do are: * Wash hands regularly to ensure personal hygiene is kept up * Wear gloves when handling with raw food * Hourly cleaning around the premises * Employees with long hair are encouraged to wear hairnets or some sort of hat * Employees who are ill are suggested to stay off work * Toilets are cleaned hourly * All litter must be cleared from the floors * Regular maintenance duties if needed to the premises Security Security as such is not seen as much of a problem with McDonalds as they believe they have a friendlier enough atmosphere to not need it, ...read more.


* ID cards for visitors * CCTV system running 24 hours a day * Onsite security within the premises of the business * Staff keeping watch to make sure that other staff members are using the machinery safely * Cadbury Schweppes has hired a company to build it website and also with that they are providing security for it to ensure that hackers don't deface it * Security fencing around factory premises * Security posts at the entrances of Cadbury Schweppes' premises to ensure that the right people are being let into the site IT Support As a worldwide company Cadbury Schweppes needs to keep in close contact with its various departments throughout the world and keep a close relationship with its huge customer base, IT has given Cadbury Schweppes this by providing: * Cadbury Schweppes with a website, even though this not created by Cadbury Schweppes it still provides a good source of information for customers * Databases which records employee information * E-mail, which allows the company to communicate between customers, employees and company suppliers * A effective payroll system for employees where they sign in and out to record their working hours * Word processing information such as, annual reports, company news letter, sending out mail to customers * Recording data ...read more.

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