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The business I intend to study is BskyB (British Sky Broadcasting).

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Bibliography www.sky.co.uk Heinemann AVCE Advanced Business 2001 Census UNIT 1: BUSINESS AT WORK The business I intend to study is BskyB (British Sky Broadcasting). British Sky Broadcasting is a leading provider of sports, movies, entertainment and news - whose channels are received by over 10 million people in the UK and Ireland. The start of the first digital television service in the UK, Sky digital, this started a new era in British broadcasting, this remains the most comprehensive and fastest of any digital TV in the whole of Europe, attracting 5.9 million customers at the end of March 2002. Its ownership type is Public Limited Company and it's shares are currently available on the FTSE 100 The main benefits of this type of ownership to BskyB are:- > They can raise large amount of capital from share issue, which will create a fair amount of income for BSkyB. > Benefit from economies of scale, e.g. bulk buying, cheaper borrowing will be a benefit because if you buy in bulk they cost of the products will be greatly cheaper than if you bought them separately. > Produce their service at lower unit cost which will make BSkyB are more efficient and profitable company. The main constraints imposed by this type of ownership are: - > Become too large resulting in poor labour relations, which will cause the workforces morale to become largely demoralised. > Conflict of interest between shareholders and the Board of Directors, which will result in the company becoming a un-efficient company and also result in a divided company with different views. > Possibility of takeover or merger because shares can be bought by anyone this could result in the company going bankrupt because it comes in the wrong hands. The main objectives of BskyB are. * To make a profit * To offer a good service * To expand * To become the market leader They are important objectives because if BskyB didn't achieve making a profit the company would go ...read more.


They will also be able to tell their workforce what they need to do and when to expect it done by. It is important to the workforce because as well as the manager they get given one task to do and when they complete it they will get another task this makes sure that they don't get bogged down by any other task. It is important to the customers/clients because if they have any queries or anything in that nature they can be told specifically how sky can deal with their query. How the company style affects performance and operation. It is very well known that the more levels a hierarchy has the less affective the communication link is. This is the exact reason why BskyB try and keep their structure to the bare minimum so that the communication between the different levels doesn't break down. This will give BskyB a head start in meeting its objectives because if the company has a good communication's link then everything should run with the greatest efficiency and everyone who needs to get information to do their job effectively and to meet the company objectives gets it.. There are direct links between managers and their subordinates, which lets the people know exactly what their job is within the business. BskyB uses the steering wheel process this is a management tool to help BskyB change anything within the business to keep it efficient and responsive to their customers. This management tool is linked to each individual's objectives, which keeps the workforce on task. BskyB logic of thinking in relation to the role culture of their business is that if you give the workforce a job to do and they go away and do it and therefore the workforce shall become experience in their own field of work, so therefore their knowledge of that specific job (i.e. research) will be a vast amount and then they will do that job to their greatest of their potential. ...read more.


If there is a problem with the satellite and for any reason the satellite isn't receiving the signal or sending it on, BskyB have a back up plan which consists of sending the signal to a backup satellite which is situated close to the broken one. Equipment Breakdown When for any reason a customers sky box has broken or the sky dish has broken BskyB offer a "aftercare service". All the customer has to do is to is to ring the customer service centre with their sky identification number and tell the customer care assistant what service they need. For example if the set top box is broken they will tell the assistant this and the assistant will alert the customer care repair specialists (there is one in every city) and they will make an appointment to come round and fix the faulty equipment. Billing Services This is how the billing system works within BskyB. The customer places an order for example he/she orders a new channel. 1) The customer places the order of the new channel with the BskyB sales department. 2) The sales department tell the accounts to put on the specific customers account details what they have purchased and then the price of the service and then the accounts department will send this information to the customer services department. Also they will check the person's credit rating and if its not good enough they will tell the customer services department that they have rejected this order. 3) The customer service department will receive this information from the accounts and they in turn will send the bill to the relevant customer or if the order has been rejected they in turn will send a letter saying why the order has been rejected. BskyB ensure that their billing service is correct by their quality control team. The quality control will ensure that the bill that is sent out to the customers is easy to read and that they can easily see all the information that is relevant to the customer. ...read more.

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