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The Company's main objective is to establish Starbucks as the most recognized and respected brand in the world.

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INTRODUCTION Millions of Americans these days depend on the glorious caffeine rich nectar provided to them daily by the local Starbucks Coffee chain store. With its humble roots firmly planted in Seattle Washington, this little coffee shop has turned from a novel idea into a veritable necessary for Americans. It all started in 1971 and since then the amazing success of Starbucks can be attributed in part to technical planning, by utilizing their strengths and capitalizing on trends as well as periodically evaluating weaknesses and threats. The company has been growing because of its quality products and unique environment at its caf�'s. It is a vertically integrated company and does everything except grow the coffee. Starbucks has made a business out of human connections, community involvement and the celebration of cultures. They have been successful in creating a place for customers to feel welcome, which has made them gain the huge market share of the coffee industry. Its one of the fortune top 400 companies to work for in 2005, with respected employer that value its workforce. ...read more.


The organization has collaborated in a project with Oxfam America and CEPCO to help small scale Mexican coffee producers expand their access to the global market and increase the availability of high quality fair trade certified coffee by providing technical assistance, market information, product quality feedback. Company opened an agronomy office in Costa Rica and one purpose of that office is to work with the farmers to help them grow better coffee. The organization provides equal opportunities and benefits to every one of its partners (employees) and working with minority or women owned businesses are among the ways to meet and set new goals for an inclusive business. Just as critical to our success as a global company is the idea of inclusion, defined as a combination of differences and similarities in the pursuit of new ideas and individual relationships made everyday. GEOGRAPHIC EXPANSION In United States there are about 4,700 company operated coffee houses and about 2,300 licensed locations covering the 50 states along with the districts of Columbia and Puerto Rico. ...read more.


* Expand its global operations, by exploring the new markets like India and other Asian, and maintain its position. * Starbucks has been good at taking the advantages of the opportunities like, offering the reload able store value cards and the CD-burning service. * Threat * Starbucks are exposed to rises in the cost of coffee and diary products. * Its success has lead to the market entry of many competitors and copycat brands that pose potential threat. * Pricing can also effect, with the arising competition. * The organization is kind of maturing, so needs to change. COFFEE INDUSTRY Coffee is the second most valuable legal item of international trade in world after oil. It is the largest food import to the United States. More than 20million people around the world are employed by coffee industry. CONCLUSION The art of being a great retailer and then keeping its position is to preserve the core while enhancing the experience. It is very hard to do, and many companies have lost their way. But Starbucks is moving in right direction. They need to push for reinvention and renewal and to extend things without diluting themselves. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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