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The complexity of Iago's character

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Identify The company that I will be basing my IT coursework around is Bertrams Books in Norwich. This is a large Book whole sale warehouse situated on Rosary Road, Norwich. As the company is now quite large and a very well known book whole sale warehouse I have chosen to enhance or create new methods of advertisement in order to increase the popularity of Bertrams and draw in more potential custom. Bertrams has a lot of clients in the Norwich area at the moment, therefore by enhancing or creating new advertisement methods I can hopefully increase the catchment area across the county and not just for the Norwich area itself. There are various methods I could use in order to advertise the company, I have chosen a few of these methods and given a brief description. As well as listing disadvantages and advantages of the specific methods. Then I can look over my various ideas and see which one of them I feel would be most effective for Bertrams Books. Web site - Bertrams books currently has it's own web page. Though enhancing it and creating extra features on it could have the potential to draw in extra custom. ...read more.


Though not as much as magazines and brochures. Someone that has just taken one can easily carry flyers. Magazines may prove to bulky and business cards maybe to small and easy to lose, the flyer maybe good in terms of it's size. Now that I have discussed the various methods of advertisement that can be used I can chose, which one I think would be most effective. This based upon cost, information contained in the method, how noticeable the method is to customers and the ease at which the company can distribute it. After looking at the various advantages and disadvantages I have chosen to use the magazine and business cards. I have chosen these two for different reasons, though a magazine containing product information could be handed out on the street to random people, I don't feel it would be a wise idea. The reason I have chosen magazines is so that these can be distributed to potential customers that are already in the book industry. Therefore Bertrams have a greater chance of persuading this potential customer to buy from us, therefore the cost of the creation of the magazine. Which is much more than a business card wouldn't be as great if we are only handing them out to people that may already have an 'interest' in the company and industry as a whole. ...read more.


......................................................................... 9- What is the most important feature for a magazine to posses? Information / Pictures of Products / Colorful and Eye Catching / Other ............................................. Thank you for your time. Results of Questionnaires After handing out questionnaires to people I have found out various pieces of information that will help me to improve the overall design of my final products. Most people saw that an informative piece was much more important than overall looks. They also said that a smaller magazine type brochure is much better than a large catalogue. This is probably because it is more practical and easy to browse through than a larger catalogue. Though the majority of people that I questioned did not use this type of ordering very frequently, as a result I am now unsure weather or not the market research will be beneficial as these people are not necessarily the target group for my brochure. From this information I can now decide how I am going to design my brochure and what to include in it. A very informative but small brochure is what has been recommended. Though it isn't necessary for it to be extremely colorful it would be important still as it still helps to attract peoples attention and keep people interested past the front page. ...read more.

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