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The prospect of setting up a pizza hut restaurant and takeaway in Gillingham.

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Sole Trader: My business would not work as a sole trader business as there are too many aspects of the business that need attention, as a result more than one person would be needed to run the business. As of this I am going to run a franchised business from pizza hut. Franchise: This would suit my business plan the most as it would give me a recognisable name, training in the business, equipment and loans etc. Unfortunately the down side to having a franchise is that a percentage of all profits go to the franchisee, which in this case will be pizza hut. Although I would have to pay royalties to the franchisee I think that is vital to the success of my business that people will recognise and associate my takeaway with good quality food and a place to dine in. Research plans: Gillingham town map. This map shows the possible competitors for my pizza takeaway. ...read more.


The next question asks whether a pizza hut restaurant in Gillingham would be a good idea. I hope that the results would show that it is a good idea as there are no other pizza hut restaurants in Medway area so buy setting one up I will be able to fill the gap in the market. For my next question I asked if I provided another food service, i.e. chips whether people would use it or not. I am hoping to find that people would use this service as I think it would greatly increase my profits and broaden the range of people that would use the service I will provide. I wanted to find out if people would use a delivery service and whether or not they would pay for it or expect it to be free. The next two questions ask this. I would hope that people would use this service if it were provided for them. ...read more.


All though there are a few people, who are against, a new restaurant and takeaway being opened in Gillingham, there is not enough evidence to suggest that it would be a bad idea to open one up. Results to show how far people are willing to travel to get to the restaurant This graph shows us that most people are only willing to travel a short walking distance to get to the takeaway. This means that my takeaway will have to be centred in the centre of town or just of the side of the main street so that people do not have to travel far to get their service. The downside of opening the restaurant and takeaway in the centre of town is that it could be quite expensive; this means that my takeaway will have to be placed just outside the town centre to keep the costs down but not too far away from the centre so that people can still easily access it. ...read more.

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