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The purpose of communication

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Task 2 The purpose of communication We need to communicate to send and receive information between individuals. Communication systems are used to deliver a message from a sender to a receiver through a medium. A medium can only accept messages in some specific range of forms. Communication systems are used in a business because they can send messages electronically which is easier and faster to do compared to writing messages such as a memorandum or verbally communicating. An example of communication in a business is to give employees information about products to be produced, workers tasks which are to be completed and customers knowing when to expect deliveries of their orders. I use communication at school to get information from teachers and to learn various things for example I must communicate with teachers to prepare myself for deadlines and targets. Teachers will also communicate to inform pupils of tasks and to tell them how they are getting on. Employees will need information no get on with their job and to know exactly what they are to be doing. Managers need information so they can check up on his/her employees to see if they are working well or unsatisfactory. ...read more.


Firstly the communication quality must be very good, in order to get the customers faith I the business. From this the ability and desire to respond to the customer is needed. If this is achieved then a level of satisfaction from the customer will be positive and this will help make the company image a lot better. The image of the company will also depend on the level of services given to the customer. To strengthen the image of the company advertisement can be used. Managers need feedback for a number of reasons. It can help develop personalities and competencies. Feedback can help the company as it can motivate employees. After a decision made by the manager feedback is needed because the company needs to know how that decision has affected the company for good or bad reasons. It is also needed because feedback can be used to understand how to improve on that decision and can promote management development. For example if a decision did not go very well feedback is used to notice the problem and then the business can decide on how the decision can be improved. Workers like to have a say in the company this involves the way that their jobs are done. ...read more.


Implications to business of poor communication Poor communications lead to bad decisions and loss of business. A lot of customer service enquiries arise as a result of poor communication, for example perhaps customers were confused over the terms of a particular offer or misunderstood the repayment terms. This means poor communication between your company and your customers is occurring and that your message needs to be put across more clearly in the future to ensure that your business is successful. Employees can also suffer from poor communication as employees lament that managers tell them too little, too late and if this happens work may not be completed and products finished on time. Employees can also be affected from poor communication in a business as they will not be notified on how they are getting on and how they could improve from the managers and employees will not be able to give feedback towards the higher end of the company. Suppliers suffer from poor communication as if the company is not clearly telling them what they want and when they want it, and where they want it delivered all sorts of problems can arise, as goods may be delivered to the wrong address and the wrong items may be delivered. If poor communication continues businesses will make wrong decisions and lose business. This could result in a loss of income and profits will be lost. ...read more.

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