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There are many different laws that will affect different companies

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´╗┐Task 2 Business level 3 There are many different laws that will affect different companies A few of the laws are: Sales of goods act 1979, this law will affect a company because when they sell their products they have to follow this law, this means that all goods sold must be in satisfactory condition, as an example Special K cannot say that their cereal will make their customers loose weight. Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulation 2008, this act will also have to be followed this act means that all customers must be treated fairly and honestly, for example the business cannot have a ?Closing down sale? when the business won?t close down. ...read more.


Regulations 2000, this act is when you sell through catalogues and internet; this means there is no face- to face Conversation between the buyer and seller this means the business must give detailed information on the products they are selling they must also give information on things like delivery and fees. Data Protection Act 1998, this affects businesses that keep a database of customer?s details, all the information must be gained legally and only used for the purpose it was given for, and not kept longer than needed, when you give your details to a business they have to give you a option to opt out Of promo info by law. ...read more.


cereal bar and it claims that it will get you skinner and it doesn?t the product will be giving false information, however if the products say that this can help the person to loose weight then it will be alright because it is not promising weight loss but it says it can happen. Tesco and Audi have had different marketing problems in the past and have found ways to overcome them, and this impacts the company brand and image because they can fix problems for customers, for example if they have problems with a products they will work on ways to improve them and if Audi has a fault in their cars they will try to fix the faults. ...read more.

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