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This project is based on Kenton Tennis Club.

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The project the based in Kenton Tennis Club which is situated in Kenton where Gopal Patel, my uncle is the manager and has been in charge of the day-to-day running of the tennis club for the last twenty years, however the club has been opened since 1905, hence my uncle is one of many mangers the club has had however he is the only one who has wanted to improve the running of the club. He needs to keep up to date with the membership payments and how well the members are progressing in their tennis at the tennis club and take any action if anything is not going according to plan e.g. a player in the advance section keeps losing their matches. There is a total of forty-six staff at Kenton Tennis Club, from the manager, the umpires, ball boys, ball girls and cleaning staff. In order to be kept informed with what his members are doing and how they are progressing and if they are paying their payments on time, he needs to have large amounts of information on each member such as address, telephone number, income, this is to see if they can keep up with the payments and if the payments are late the club can contact them and find out why. At this present moment the number of members has been increasing as its popularity causes to grow due to word of mouth by the members, which obviously enjoy themselves here. ...read more.


Finally the tennis club cannot tell if they are making a profit or loss by just looking at paperwork that is a good reason to use Excel, as it will be clearly readable whether the Kenton Tennis Club is making a profit or a loss. I will hand out a questionnaire to Mr Patel to fill in; also I have made to questionnaire for the end user who will be using the program. I will use a blend of open and closed questions to get a more in depth answer into what he would like. I have also interviewed the end user to find out what he would like out of the system and what he would want from the system. From the results of the questionnaire I found out that Mr Patel, the manager of Kenton Tennis Club knows how to use the computer and has no problems in using a computer and has used Microsoft Office and we know from the questionnaire he has used Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. I also found out that at this present moment in time the member details and accounts are written by hand which for Mr Patel is very frustrating and time consuming and it annoys Mr Patel to have filing cabinets cluttering up his office space. The Kenton Tennis Club has more than four hundred members in its vicinity which means there is a lot of member's information that has to be stored and doing that by hand must be very aggravating. ...read more.


This means that the accounts cannot be done properly due to some information being lost hence that will lead to people leaving it, however it is an illegal operation to keep untrue accounts this leads to financial disorganization. It is very hard for Mr. Patel to make back-up copies of all the information, as it is very tiring to write the accounts out by hand let alone once, twice is too much (they are using manual method to store information e.g. writing by hand member details, doing accounts etc) and it would be very boring. They have to look through mountains of paperwork, which is very time consuming for Mr. Patel and his staff It is obvious from the questionnaire that Mr. Patel filled he has trouble with paying the staff wages as he cannot tell how many hours each employ has worked for that month. He cannot track the details he wants instantly. As I had previously stated in the background to the club it has competition with other Tennis clubs, which are situated locally to Kenton Tennis Club, this in itself is a problem as the amount of members in the club tend to decline then increase and the tennis club does not have the time to look through lots of files to take out the ones of members that have left. It is hard for the Kenton Tennis Club to plan events such as summer fairs, charity balls, and award ceremonies. Also it is very hard for the Kenton Tennis Club to keep track of the present member details. VANESSA HALAI ...read more.

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