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Unit 1 Marketing Proposal: A01

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Unit 1 - Marketing: A01 Task 1 - Marketing objectives Marketing objectives are important to all business in order to be successful. Business must know what the consumers need and they must ensure that the goods and services support the customer's needs. To attract customers to the business, quality products must be created and customers must be satisfied with the result. Marketing also if marketing is carried out successfully it will increase the profit of the business and make them more likely to become successful. There are marketing objectives in businesses that must be fulfilled in order to be successful: * Discovering the needs of consumers to make sure that a quality product is produced means that the business must first find out what kind of products the customers want before they can start creating and selling them. When creating the product it must also be what the customer desires. So business must be creative and For example when Nike design products they must first know what the consumers want such as professional athletes in football they will require quality football boots so they are able to compete with everyone and play at the highest Level. They then must work on creating a boot that would support the player's abilities and help them perform better in games. If they can do this then would also attract more customers and help them increase profit and market share. When Nike decide to make a product they conduct lots of market research so they know exactly what to create. This objective is important to a business because the customers are main priority and so they need to be supplied with quality products in order for the business to get a positive return and more likely to become successful. * Understanding and keeping ahead of the competition is another objective that businesses need to meet in order to be successful. ...read more.


must work to get the ideal product for customers and also as mentioned earlier the quality and condition of the same product must be the identical for all customers as it shows equality in the treatment of customers. They are also involved in the 4p's and mainly the product because they have to make sure the quality of the product meets the customers' expectations e.g. sometimes on EBay or amazon.uk they state a product that is in the used section as new so the customer is tempted to buy as they will think it is in good condition however when they receive the good it sometimes doesn't turn out the way it was described or stated on the website. The quality and marketing department must also make sure the reinforce the image and reputation of the business so if the quality department produce poor products and have bad services the it will affect the promotional activities of the marketing department e.g. during advertisement when the product of shown to the customers it will make the business look cheap and unreliable resulting in customers ignoring the adverts and products of that particular business. The price is also affected by the quality of the product so the quality control/assurance department must make sure the quality is ideal for the price so if the product looks very well made and pristine condition then it would sell for a high price and sometimes during valuation of the price the product can be under-valued or over-valued. The more faults or errors that happen in creation of the product, the more their costs increase which means that if the marketing department need funds for advertising or any other promotional activity, they may not be able to as the money may be required for the quality control department to finalise the best design product. Human resources department are responsible for the People in the business and organise them to work appropriately and efficiently also another requirement is that they must train staff in the business. ...read more.


To turn negative feelings and comments into positive ones they must organise public relation activities. Firstly the business could do charitable donations and community relations to show them they are not heartless and have empathy for those who are suffering as it is for a good cause for example Nike try to help people in Brazil as they are constantly fighting where there is lot of violence on women and girls also many people have AIDS and HIV so Nike are engaging them to work together creating a programme to reduce these problems. http://www.nikebiz.com/responsibility/nike_foundation/ Hospitality at top sporting events is another thing that can be done to increase the customer relations of the business for example during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa there was a opening ceremony to entertain the crowd and welcome them to south Africa for the world cup. http://dailyqi.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/South-Africa-2010-FIFA-World-Cup-opening-ceremony-Soccer-City-Stadium-Johannesburg-June-11-2010.jpg press releases is another activity in public relations and this is when news, achievement and things that have happens recently are announced and it could enhance the businesses image e.g. the business may reveal how much profit they have made this year compared to last year and it may be better so this shows the business is improving and their products are good because they have sold more to make more money. Open days are used to invite people and show them what the business looks like and what they do e.g. in many universities, before the students can start their classes, they may have open days to show what courses they have on offer and the students can talk to different teachers about courses and if they are eligible for whatever course they want to do. Sponsorship is another activity that businesses use and this is when the business links with a club or another organisation to promote their business e.g. IN football, the English Premier league is sponsored by Barclays Bank which is why many people are familiar with the bank and why they have lot of money and reputation. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nahidul Islam 1 | Page ...read more.

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