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Unit 4 M1

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M1 Verbal information Verbal information is when you communicate with a person in front of them for example face to face communication. This is a good way to communicate because you can get the point across more easily and understand the situation much better then over the phone. Telephone is another source of communication. This is when you talk to a client or a person over the phone and communicate about something. This is a good way because if someone lives very far you could communicate with them over the phone. Verbal communicating is the best way as you could understand the better for example when a teacher speaks to a student it is easier for them to understand as it is a face to face communication. Written information Writing is another way to communicate with people these are word that are written on a paper. There are different way of written communication for example graphs and diagrams that tell you different information. These could be easier to understand on paper instead of phones. It wash wood heath school teacher provide students with written information about the work because this much easier to understand and could follow what they have to do on the paper Multimedia information Multimedia can be in a made up of a lot of media in one for example texting, phone calls and emails these are different way of multimedia communication. Multimedia can also be interactive media this like video games and cd ROMs and more. ...read more.


They place information about products, services and special offers on their websites and have newspaper and journal adverts, and television and radio adverts. Good market research information will offer an insight into the behaviour patterns of the customers and their buying motivation. Information can help businesses to promote their goods. Washwood heath Technology College collects information about the results of the other schools as it helps them a lot. They try to improve their standards according to that information. Inviting support for activities: Information is also required and needs to be communicated in order to support business activities. The support has to come from inside and outside the organisations. For example, the business may wish to change the way it operates to it make more efficient; this must have support of the workforce. Clear information will have to be given to the staff, explaining why the business needs to move in this direction. Washwood heath Technology College informs the staff about all the changes taking place in the school. The school takes support from inside and outside the business. The teachers and every member in their helps out. The external support is also taken. SOURCES OF INFORMATION: Internal sources: Internal information is the information which is already present in the school. Internal information could come from a variety of sources within the organisation. A lot of departments will store information about the members in their department. Washwood heath Technology College stores information about the students who had been studying in the school before. ...read more.


Organisations continually conduct research to find out about their markets, customers and views of their staff. Market research always incorporates some form of data collection, whether it is secondary research or primary research, which is collected direct from a respondent. The purpose of any market research project is to achieve an increased understanding of the subject matter. With markets throughout the world becoming increasingly more competitive, market research is now on the agenda of many organisations, whether they are outsized or diminutive. Reliability of data sources When gathering information, it is important that you determine how valid the information is. Always ask yourself whether it is accurate, relevant and truthful, and whether there is a bias. For example, many newspapers have a particular agenda that influences the way they interpret information for their readership. So, the Guardian and the Daily Mail might report on the same story, but may well take different slants depending on each journalist?s personal opinions and the newspaper?s agenda. You should treat information that you find on the Internet with even more carefulness. Websites of reputable sources, such as the BBC, or the mainstream newspapers, will be reliable- although as subject to bias as printed news. However, sources such as Wikipedia or personal blogs may be biased, inaccurate or misleading. For example, anyone can alter an entry in Wikipedia- the website relies on knowledgeable readers to correct any errors. When citing information from the Internet, it is excellent practice to try to find the same information from more than one source. This takes a bit more time, but helps validate your original source of information. ...read more.

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