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Video Rentals Shop Database

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Video Rentals Shop Database Description of chosen problem For this project I am going to design and make a database to fit the requirements of a local video rentals shop. The video shop I used for research was STRIKE video rentals, and unfortunately for them they are still on a manual system, this is due to the cost of the computer and other requirements like soft and hardware required to set such system. I need to create tables that can be extended and upgraded as the years tick over, with new videos coming into stock and new customers gaining membership. I will be required also to make a table of rentals, for the manager and workers use, so they can check which customers have currently rented which videos. It will also be important to have the customers address so if encase a customer has a video over their allowed rental time, a letter can be sent to their home indicating that their video is overdue and that they will have to pay a small fine which will obviously vary depending on the length of time the particular customers video is overdue. The current system under use is far from faultless. With files all being kept together they can infact be prone to getting misplaced which can cause a delay in the running of the shop. If a video is overdue, it could be incredibly time consuming to write out a letter to every customer who is overdue and, with the files in the filing cabinets being all kept together, it is infact prone to error in that the letter can be sent to the wrong address or the wrong details could be contained in the letter. Taking a stock check would be made worlds easier as instead of having to close the shop for one or two days (loosing a lot of business) ...read more.


9999 videos as their maximum number of videos in stock, because video shops obviously have a larger number of videos than members. I am going to construct my tables using the fields mentioned previously, input masks included so that information cannot be inputted incorrectly. Once all my tables are completed I am going to connect them using macros to connect my forms and tables together. A diagram into how the forms and tables are to be linked is displayed below: Data collection, capture and input: Because the customer wishing to open a membership with the video shop does not wish to be stood arranging their membership details with the employee behind the counter, their view would be that the less information required for them to give the better, as this is time consuming, we will try to keep the required information required to a minimal for many reasons, one being to save room on the database another simply to keep the data-capture form relatively simple as possible and the final reason is not to ask the customers for unnecessary information to save their and our time. In more detail, the fields, which are going to be used, are as follows: For customers: * Customer's Surname- For identification and to be used when putting customers in to Alphabetical order. * Customer's First name- Merely for identification and for use if there is more than one customer whit a particular name of the same spelling. * Other names- Any other names the customer possesses. * First line of address- The first line of the customers address, (e.g. 25 Hazel drive) * Post code- The postcode of the customers address * Home telephone number- The customers home telephone number. * Mobile telephone number (If owned) - The customers mobile telephone number if he or she possesses one. For videos: * Film title- The title of the particular film. ...read more.


By including input masks it enabled an element of security to the input of new customer information into the database or the input of a new video title and it's information, without minimal errors, the only errors that could infact occur are if a employee copies down a telephone number or postcode incorrectly, and therefore I realised it would be a good idea for the new member to read through the imputed information to ensure there are no errors other than the way just suggested, there is no other real way to get around the problem. I checked the mail merge system, the system which sends letters to members and that appears to be running all okay and the only comment I could make to that particular area is that I would like to make my letter slightly more attractive, by adding company logos and possibly a more attractive colour writing. In the future I would like to do something, which I as yet have not been able to do, and that is to have my system tested by STRIKE video and gain their opinions on it, I realize that they would not use my system as their actual new filing system, but I would appreciate it if an employee could just try my system and I could gain his or her opinions and criticisms. As a final conclusion to the whole project I feel that the new method, which I have developed, is a lot faster and user friendly than the old manual method for many reasons. Those being: * Search engine. * No lost memberships or videos. * No damaged forms or records * Input masks enable there to be fewer errors when inputting information. * Fast stocktakings and alphabetic ordering. * System allows expansion for the future. In my final opinion I feel I have accomplished the final task relatively well, although if my system was to be put into practice in an actual video rentals shop, I feel it would require some modifications. Elliot Hunt GCSE I.T. 1 ...read more.

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