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Theofan Peto Bus 321 Web Site Evaluation Internet Company Assignment The company of my choice is eBay. The reason why I picked this company is that this company continues to improve itself. This company fairly new in the business and its making an example for all company's how to make decisions and run their businesses. EBay is a website where people can find anything and buy it and the sellers have a place where they can sell their stuff for a small commission. eBay works with the motto" Some people's garbage, other people's treasure". EBay brings the world and its diversity of doing business for sale to your computer. Site evaluation The site is the most user friendly site out of the most sites I have ever used. Everything is used in general vocabulary that even an uneducated person can get an idea of what to do and where to click. Just the way the page is set up its so simple but yet it is very useful .The site its always there, It has never crashed or has accessibility problems like some other sites. Another one of its prides is that this site protects peoples identity and their information like it was Fort Knox. Before any transaction and personal login into your account the site evaluates its information in its 128 bit secure servers. ...read more.


Your are never alone on eBay they are there also looking out for your business. Visual Appeal The site appeals to every age and is user friendly. The first page is very colorful and has a lot of info on what is offered that day and what is hot on eBay. The most sold items or most searched items appear on the first page and so it makes it easier for people to find for what they are looking for. The site offers high-end graphics and animated pictures for their ads on the site. One of their partners is Skye, which is a communication company over the internet. Their ads are all over eBay. The site makes it more attractive to people to search for their goods with pictures of goods. The first page has about thirty pictures of items that are most offered that day. Moreover, on the left side it has a bar with categories of items. This one helps people if their do not know what they are looking for and guides them to the specific category. The visual effects and the use of colors make the website more appealing to the average internet user. Download speed. The download speed of the website is very good and it loads pages very fast. Moving from page to page and browsing through the site through the ads and categories of items that are for sale the site is very reliable from the simple page to the most sophisticated pages where flash and Macromedia have been used to build the site. ...read more.


* Help - It is the how to guide for eBay. The most used option out of the rest, if you are new to eBay. The database that is used for help has every possible answer that you need to know if you having problems using eBay. There are options to make eBay a more user friendly some options are like: customization , managing accounts , managing selling accounts and many more. But the most interesting out of all is that eBay offers classes on how to run business online on its eBay University. * Categories - This is for the people that use eBay on everyday basis to give an idea to people what can they find on eBay. This is an generalization of categories where each product enters a family of products. If people decide to explore this categories it will give the everything that is for sale about that category with some specs that will follow in the next pages. * Search engine tool - This is my favorite option out of all because it saves me time by limiting the categories I have to look for. Just type what you looking for and everything will show. This command works with every thing you type in it , from model numbers to manufactures special item requests. Another thing that helps is that even if someone makes the mistakes while they type , eBay it will give them an option of products that are close to the name that the searcher typed. ...read more.

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