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what really is a business model anyway

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e-Business Models Evaluation Kjel Gotberg EBUS 500.1 e-Business Principles and Practices University of Phoenix Online Facilitator: Professor Susan Brozas 29 September 2004 Abstract According to Richard Trambly, writer for Computer World Magazine, "An e-business model is an approach to conducting electronic business through which a company can sustain itself and generate profitable revenue growth. The business model spells out how a company plans to make money online and how it's competitively positioned in an industry." This paper will examine three websites that are geared to different populations. First, we will examine a business to business site (B2B), secondly a business to consumer (B2C) site and lastly a site for a non-profit agency. This paper will glance at the different models that each company is using and how they utilize their online presence to generate the offerings desired by their consumers. The increasing complexity of Internet and Web technologies and their rapid evolution are imposing a Herculean challenge for information technology managers. They are expected to achieve optimal utilization of their existing information system for business performance while ensuring integration of the latest Internet and Web technologies in their enterprise information technology architectures. At the same time, they must meet the expectations of business managers who need to create and sustain innovative business value propositions to keep up with the changing competitive environment and customer needs. ...read more.


The model used is based on efficiency or cost-savings that may or may not be passed on to consumers, improved customer service, and a better understanding of customer preferences. This model is particularly important as emergent microprocessor manufacturers enter the market such as AMD. AMD has emerged as a formidable opponent and Intel must do all that it can to ensure that its products are more easily obtained and to make customers completely aware that support is available immediately, if problems were to arise. In sharp contrast to Intel, E-bay (www.ebay.com) makes use of a very graphically oriented web site. E-bay uses an auction "broker model" (Rappa 2004). With this model E-bay conducts auctions for its user (sellers) whether they are consumers or merchants. The broker (E-bay) charges the seller a fee, which is derived from a percentage of the value of the transaction. The seller takes highest bid(s) from buyers above a minimum or reserve price. Auctions can vary in terms of the offering and bidding rules. E-bay is arguably the most popular online auction site and offers many diverse items to purchase. E-bay utilizes multiple channels to market its' services, mostly online advertising, email to members, and in pop-up ads on affiliated sites. ...read more.


It is set up in tabular format and has links for popular items such as the national Jamboree, which is a large scouting get together that is coupled with training and exciting activities for the youth. The national BSA website gives tools in which individuals may look up events that are regionally specific as well as give general contact and Counsil information. Locally, the Great Salt Lake Council, is responsible for the area in which I live. I retrieved a link to their web site (http://www.gslc-bsa.org) from the national site. In conclusion there are many differing models that can be applied to e-business and e-commerce. There is much to be said about first impressions and a website can be just that for a company. Regardless of how the company is structured many consumers, me included, will often venture to the associated website first. If the website is poorly designed or is difficult to navigate it can possibly turn the consumer away from the company and lose potential business. It is important that businesses give thorough thought to utilize the correct e-business model for their business and provide the content needed to attract and retain the desired clientele. Regardless of the model chosen, the intent of having an online presence is to provide increased support, cost savings and convenience to the customer and provide efficiencies and cost savings to the company. ...read more.

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