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Write an analysis of how the Oxfam charity appeal letter tries to persuade people to send in money.

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Media Assignment Part one Write an analysis of how the Oxfam charity appeal letter tries to persuade people to send in money. The letter is set out in an interesting way. To begin with, the company/charity is the first thing you see. It is at the top of the page in big, bold writing. This shows clearly whom the charity is, so you know before you read the letter, where your money will go. The paragraphs are nice and short, therefore easy to read. This means that people won't get bored of reading it, and will probably read the whole letter, rather than the first couple of lines. Straight away your eyes are drawn to the bold, or underlined writing. This is most often the important information, or the information that they want you to pay most attention to. Near the beginning of the letter, the writer sounds as if he knows the reader, personally... ...read more.


I think the letter is well structured, as it aims to put across three main points: what the problem is, what they want from you, and how your donation can help. They do not promise you free gifts, and special offers, they hope that you will feel you've benefited by giving a donation to a worthy cause. They seem quite needy for your donation/reply, like you're the only one that counts. To begin with, they remind you of the free pen, "for your reply," assuming that you will reply. Then, further down the letter, they try and stress what a small amount �2 is. "...�2 a month. That's just 6 1/2 pence a day." They use this tactic because if they tell you how much it is per day, you tend to forget the real amount they're asking for, because the donation now sounds really small. ...read more.


They write in a polite way, but really need your reply. This letter provides quite a lot of information and statistics, all of which is very relevant to their circumstances. A lot of facts are used to back up their reasons for wanting your donation. The letter tells you all the good things which could be done with your money, but really, if they get no other donations, they will not be able to do many of the things they state, and they will need a lot more donations to be able to change living conditions for people in the third world countries. For example, �2 on its own will not be enough to build a well and save hundreds of lives. If I could change one thing about this letter, I would make it slightly shorter, maybe a short leaflet, rather than a formal letter. On the whole though, I think this is quite a persuasive letter, and uses many different techniques to encourage people to make a donation. ...read more.

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