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How important is the episode in Phaecia to the whole poem? The Odyssey is a Poem written by Homer, a blind Bard. An account is told of the famous heroic warrior

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How important is the episode in Phaecia to the whole poem? The Odyssey is a Poem written by Homer, a blind Bard. An account is told of the famous heroic warrior, Odysseus who has been away from home for 20 years after fighting in the Trojan war. Phiacia is the last place Odysseus visits before returning home to Ithaca. Through out his long enduring travels we see the temptations Odysseus is faced with, but always he turns away as the one main thing on his mind is returning home to his family and homeland. When Odysseus first lands in Phaecia the first person he meets is the white-armed Nausica. A young beautiful princess whose father is King Alcinious. Along with the help of Athena, Odysseus finds his way to the palace of Alcinous. At this point Odysseus is desperate to get home. He has almost lost all hope as his tragic journey has cost him all his men and he has no treasures or gifts to show for his victory at troy, if he ever does return home. When Odysseus enters the palace of Alcinious he does not feel the need to give his name. ...read more.


This is ironic, as Odysseus returns home alone but this don't mean he was a bad leader. Evidence shows us that Odysseus was the best leader he could have been but it was his men's childish and ignorant behaviour that cost them their own lives. An example of this is shown in book 9 when Odysseus and his men settled on the land of the lotus-eaters. Odysseus did what was best for his men and dragged them back to the ships kicking and screaming. What he did was against their free will but Odysseus knew himself what was best for them. When forcing his men away from the lotus-eaters, even though he is thinking of his men and their future he is in fact thinking of his own needs. If Odysseus returned wit no men his leadership skills would not show for anything. All the hard work he had put into leading his men home would all go to waste. Odysseus is also desperate to return home and he need his men to do this otherwise he will have no one to row the ship. Another important feature of his arrival home is the treasures he is expected to bring back from Troy. ...read more.


It would be no problem for Odysseus to settle here and live happily. 'Their fruit never fails nor runs short, winter and summer alike...There is never a time when the west wind's breath is not assisting' Odysseus has been away from home for 20 years and his journeys have nearly taken it out of him. When he first landed on Phaecia he was on his last breath and without the help and assistance of Athena he would have surely died. Any other mortal man would have given up long ago, but the fact that Odysseus oversees this temptation shows his great love for Ithaca. It also shows his great love for his wife Penelope and son Telemachus whom he has not seen since he was just a baby. Phaecia plays an important part in the Odyssey, as it is a half way house for Odysseus. Homer uses this part of the poem to allow Odysseus to recover his sense of identity and worth. This happens when he is telling his tale and sees the response he gets from the Phaecians. The response he now knows he will get when he returns home. This is the first time in the poem we hear Odysseus tell the full account of his travels. Odysseus gets sympathy from his listeners and this wins his ticket home. ...read more.

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