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I believe that Homer is very successful in shaping his narrative. He implores many different techniques and stylistic devices throughout The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Exam Questions ? Homer?s narrative classics c) Homer makes this passage dramatic in several different ways. Firstly, he draws the reader in to the passage and makes it easy for the reader to imagine if they were they by appealing to the senses, for example the ?ring? of the metal on the floor causes the scene to appear more vivid and dramatic for the reader, as if they can actually hear the noise. Homer also uses certain techniques such as the rule of three when describing Eurycleia?s joy, ?Delight and anguish...her eyes were filled with tears; her voice stuck in her throat.? This heightens the delight that she feels and adds to the atmosphere of the moment. The passage is also dramatic due to the fact that Odysseus is desperate to keep his identity a secret; the scene is at a peak when Odysseus ?seeks and grips the old woman?s throat?, a woman that had ?suckled him at her own breast?, thus creating a dramatic and dangerous scene. ...read more.


Odysseus leaves for Troy leaving his son Telemachus (then a new born baby) and his wife and after 20 years returns. This is a well thought out amount of time as Telemachus is now a full grown man, and he and his father Odysseus have never met before, making the reunion even more poignant. The 20 year gap that Odysseus is away from home is a perfect amount of time for Homer to cleverly add to the plot, such as the Suitors that abuse Xenia by outstaying their welcome at Odysseus palace and of course for Odysseus to have an incredible and adventurous journey. The structure of the Odyssey is very well devised, all the books being in specific places such as Book 11 ? The Book Of The Dead; it differs from the main plot, bridging between the two halves of the whole plot, and this is a pause for the audience?s ...read more.


Dramatic irony is also portrayed in the disguise scenes, such as when Odysseus disguises himself as a beggar ? we know that he has returned and yet his family doesn?t. Athene often disguises herself as mortals, and although Odysseus knows that it is truly her he does not reveal this ? the relationship between the two is charming and playful and their relationship has a good effect on the reader. The use of recognition and reunion scenes are equally effective, such as when Telemachus and Odysseus finally meet ? the reader has been with Odysseus since the very beginning., through his adventures and hardships and we can begin to develop and bond with him and other characters alike, and so we can feel his joy when he is finally reunited with his son. ...read more.

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