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The Simpsons

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GCSE Media coursework "The Simpsons" Knowledge and understanding On one day Matt Groeing was sitting and sketching out side James L Brooks office he invented the Simpsons. They were first shown as 30-second bumpers in the Tracy Ullman show. Bumpers are shown before the adverts. They were very successful so Fox Network took a very huge risk to produce a half hour episode of the Simpsons. The Simpsons was not test marketed to a group of sample viewers because there wasn't enough time. The first episode shown on 17th December 1989 Called " The Simpsons roasting on an open fire". The animated show is made up during a 6 to 10 month production time at first a script is made. Then the people who do the voices are recorded on to a tape. Then they make a storyboard with the use of the actors voices in Klasy-Csupo animation house where a group of artists are drawing, this can be up to 2,000 images. The script is then filmed on to a computer with the voices. Then it's sent to South Korea where it is made into an animation. It comes back to he studio as a 25-minute clip, this is then cut down to 22 minutes and that's the show! ...read more.


The normal situations in an episode are usually; the school and The Simpsons home. The Simpsons is funny in very different for example either the violence is funny or it could be the scripting. However the best ay for me is the slapstick humour and elastic band reality. A good example is when Homer fight Bart's new dad and then things get a bit complicating. There are some very strange stereotypes in the Simpsons take Marge she is an extraordinary house wife she does the shopping and takes care of Maggie. Lisa is a clever girl who's a "buff" in school and gets A* all the time, she's quite close to Bart and her mum. Bart who's the typical underachiever boy is hopeless at school. He gets on well with Lisa sometimes, for example when Nelson is bullying Lisa Bart helps out her out. Homer is a drunk, fat, alcoholic potato couch. He is the main character in the Simpsons and has to be the funniest one, as a result of his childish behaviour. There are also a few extra stereotypes such as Apu the "Indian" shopkeeper and Chief Wigam the typical fat, lazy, doughnut eating American policeman. When you first look at the Simpsons they may seem like a dysfunctional family however you have to look very deep inside the family to realise that thy do love each other. ...read more.


The Simpsons is always being compared to the Flaunders. This is because the comparison gives it a good effect, and it makes it more entertaining to see what Homer would do to give the same treatment as Ned would give to his family. A good example is when the Flaunders get a new caravan and Homer gets a second hand one and they end up stuck in the wild. I think that the main reason why the Simpsons have been going on all these thirteen years is because that it has two target audiences. People are coming home from and watching the Simpsons and saying that my life's not that bad after all. This is called Philologically Human it's when the Simpsons act and feel like humans and Matt Groeing put it "a mental health service to the world". The Simpsons are good and bad role models they are bad because Homer hardly cares about his family and he's just a fat alcoholic potato couch. Bart is also bad because he's an underachiever and proud of it. However sometimes they are good role models like Lisa she an A* student. They all are happy together as a family at the end of each episode and they always say, "I love you". OVERALL the Simpsons love each other and that's what counts.0 ...read more.

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