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AS and A Level: Computer Science

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  1. System Analysis The aim of the Jewellery store system is to make the work easier to the jewellery store staff and to allow the customers and staff to explore the store quickly and easily. To manage the stock To figure out the total s

    If a customer orders for an item the order should be sent to the store. If the item is not available at the moment a notification should be sent to the manager. Since the Web site is working all the time 24/7. People can read the marketing materials, test drive your products and buy them outside of normal business hours. The Internet is not only the salesperson and the cashier, but the delivery guy as well. Fact finding methods I used the following methods to analysis the system's requirements.

    • Word count: 2300
  2. Computer Maintainance - anti-virus, cookie deletion, drive scanning

    The user can control exactly which software is allowed to pass data in and out of the system. For example automatic updates might be allowed to connect to the internet, while third party software may not be allowed access to internet and popup displayed asking for permission. 3. Anti-spyware: Anti-spyware is a type of computer software that is typically designed to detect and remove malicious programs from a computer. These programs are often called malware, which collect and send personal information from a venerable system to a third party without the users consent.

    • Word count: 1755
  3. Principles of Software Design & Development - A system needs to be created which is used on a hand-held device or a small computer which will be used by a waiter or waitress to take a customers order. It is important that the program works correctly becau

    This is because when taking orders a waiter wants to be able to get the job done as quickly as possible to keep the customer happy. Inputs: * There will be a choice of buttons with Preset values behind them. * A set of tick boxes are included * A Text box Outputs: * A calculation of all of the values of the pizzas should display as a bill total * A Listbox of each item should be displayed. Processing: * Establish each individual Pizza size and Toppings included for each.

    • Word count: 1261
  4. Video Rental System

    � And Customer rental history table also resolves the many to many relationships between the Customer and Rental item. � A customer may or may not have one or more rental items. � A rental item may or may not have one or more customers. ER Diagram: Data Dictionary: Table Name Attribute Name Contents Type Length Format Range Req'd Key Referenced Table CUSTOMER CUS_ID Customer ID Autonumber Long Int 1-99999999 Y PK CUS_FNAME Customer first name Text 255 X(255) Y CUS_LNAME Customer Last Name Text 255 X(255) Y CUS_ADDRESS1 Customer Address Text 255 X(255) Y CUS_ADDRESS2 Customer Address Text 255 X(255)

    • Word count: 2284
  5. Operating systems assignment 1

    There are office environment software packages which allow user to perform tasks needed in office. Basically software is there to expand the abilities of the computer. When installing an operating system or a software package in it there are certain requirements that need to be met, otherwise they won't work and might damage the system. The computer must be prepared when considering a software upgrade. The preparation could be for example checking if there is enough space on the hard disk or if the computer meets the requirements as well as making sure that the software will work properly and is compatible with the system and if it's really needed and necessary.

    • Word count: 1205
  6. Computer systems assignment 1

    The more memory there is the more applications can be ran on the computer at the same time. There are many forms of Memory. Nowadays most computers use DDR2 or DDR3 * Graphics Card- Graphics Card is needed to display an images on a monitor. There are AGP, PCI, PCI-E graphics. It just depends on what slot on a motherboard the card will be connected to. New graphics cards are usually made with 512MB or 1024MB of video memory which can generate graphics for all of new games. * Sound Card- sound card basically generates sound for what is ran on a computer, whether it is games, music or films.

    • Word count: 3011
  7. For this report I will be research about the different virtualization technologies available and how they are used. I chose this because I would like to know gain a better understanding of how this technology is implemented and how it benefits users. I wi

    This often leaves the hardware underutilised and an expensive infrastructure. Fig.2 Shows how the virtualisation layer is implemented in-between the host OS and the application software of the system Fig.1 Native system without virtualisation Fig.2 Virtualised system Operating system virtualisation (container) In OS virtualisation the virtualised system is implemented on top of a host operating system. Each of the virtualised containers has their own file system which operates like a normal operating system. According to shield (2007) if a file is changed on a host operating system it is usually changed in each virtual machine.

    • Word count: 1426
  8. Computers would not work the same without programs. The programs on computers were made of different languages, but there are only three that serve as the foundation. The three basic types of programming languages are mechanical language, assembly languag

    Another language is assembly language, which was used more than mechanical language. Assembly language is easier to compose and understand. This language was used more by programmers because it was more users friendly and made up of easily recognizable codes that translate to programming language in a one-to-one ratio. One machine language is translated for each assembly language code used. An assembler is needed to translate into machine code. The assembler was the program that translates programming language into machine code.

    • Word count: 599
  9. Barriers to Communication

    Overcoming Physical Barriers �In overcoming physical Barriers you should able to avoid physical distractions for example when you about to make a presentation try to find a setting which permits audience to see and hear clearly. �Another way to overcome physical barriers is if you're a company with two buildings, you can setup a computer network in other for the staffs to communicate with one another Psychological Barriers �Physiological barriers in communication is when communication is affected due to the mental state of the person.

    • Word count: 858
  10. Explanation as to why projects fail

    If there are not enough details and the product is made, the client may not be satisfied and therefore the project has failed as well as the project manager. There are projects out there that do not give enough requirements which have led to cases where the developers of the project having no input from the client, and create a project that they believe is needed without them knowing anything about the business itself. When the project has then been given to the client, business users will then say that it does not do what is needed to be done.

    • Word count: 1065
  11. How to minimise the chance of project failing

    project manager will have to work harder over the time that they are paid; they may be then awarded a bonus if the project succeeds. To minimise this there are software's that can be used such as Microsoft Office Project to keep track on the budget so that it can be easier to avoid going over the budget. Insufficient details from client or Poor or No Requirements If there is simply not enough details from the client, then as a result the project would most likely be unsatisfactory for the client, in order to avoid this it would be very

    • Word count: 1152
  12. Project tools and methodologies

    When creating a task it will also be able to show how long the task will take, how it can be done and who has the responsibility to taken. During the operation of a project a task may change or it may not fit well with other tasks, this software will allow you to update the information in that task to help with the project and make easier for the manager. With the tasks that have been created, plans can be put into place to help take that task.

    • Word count: 796
  13. Evalutation of a Spreadsheet

    By using the pie chart the manager is able to see the weekly profit percentages displayed on the pie chart as percentages. An "IF statement" can also be used to make the spreadsheet easier to use. This is because you can use one of these to show either positive or negative results. For example, if certain phones are selling under 5 a week by using an "IF statement" you could get these to show up as red. If certain phones are selling over 5 a week then you could make these show up as green.

    • Word count: 1565
  14. Unit 10 Server-side scripting of web pages part 2

    A motherboard provides the electrical circuit connections, these circuits are used by other components of the system to communicate. The central processing unit and other subsystems such as real time clock, and various peripheral interfaces are also located on the motherboard. This is motherboard doesn't use active heat sinks on its bridges instead it uses a complex passive heat sink. Power Supply - A power supply unit (PSU) is the component that supplies power to a computer. In a PC the power supply is the metal box usually found in a corner of the case. The power supply has many various power leads all for different things such as: * 20+4pin power connector o Powers the motherboard, depending on what motherboard you have it will either require a 20pin or a 24pin connector.

    • Word count: 2205
  15. Unit 2 computer systems

    The reason data validation is so useful is the fact it validates your input immediately, so you don't have to waste time by waiting for the server to validate it. Detecting a Users OS or Browser Many people use JavaScript to detect a user's operating system or browser, if this feature is used properly then it can help you control your website much easier. When the script discovers your browser it can then load files that have been fine tuned for that specific browser, eliminating/reducing problems that page may have had.

    • Word count: 1366
  16. The impact of the availability of electric information on individuals and society

    All those things had a huge impact on me and my family. For example, when I want to meet my friend first of all I text him to find out if he's at home and is not busy, while not so long ago when I didn't even have a mobile phone I had to come to his home and find out if my friend was at home and can go out. It's not very time efficient, because if he lives far it takes loads of time to get to his house and then to come back.

    • Word count: 2388
  17. EULA

    You may reproduce and share files or scripts created with the Editor with friends or family on a non-commercial basis only. Microsoft does not grant you the right to sell or otherwise distribute files from the SOFTWARE PRODUCT in exchange for value. * Storage/Network Use. If not prevented by copy protection technology, you may also store or install a copy of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on a storage device, such as a network server, used only to RUN the SOFTWARE PRODUCT on your other COMPUTERS over an internal network; however, you must acquire and dedicate a license for each separate COMPUTER on which the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is RUN from the storage device.

    • Word count: 3136
  18. Describe the following networking technologies:TCP/IP addresses Ports Protocols Domain name. The estate agency will be adding ICT to their company, which will create a network. in network there are lots of assets which gradually builds a network. I am

    Computers use it to find one another computer and connect which each other. Domain name- the domain name identifies the IP address; domain names are used in URL to identify that specific website. For example can be, www.Facebook.com, the domain name of this is facebook.com. Server jobs File sharing is when have data stored in a network where other people can also access it. Internet server- Web host- a web host provides space for the person who can upload their personal site on to it.

    • Word count: 1139
  19. Introduction of Communication

    Email was originally only intended to send text, but that has evolved, today many people around the world can get flyers from businesses, many people especially businesses prefer to send out flyers like this as they only need to produce one copy of the flyer. Advantages Email has a lot of advantages, Fast communication Saves trees Saves fuel Businesses enjoy low cost communication Free Email is easier to filter; the subject line lets people prioritize their mail, unlike regular mail that needs to be opened first.

    • Word count: 2063
  20. Computer Architecture

    If the sound was sampled every half second, there would be half as much information lost from the original source, but file size would be doubled. This is the trade off that has to be made between file size and quality. Bit depth is the number of bits of information recorded per second .The higher the bit depth means, the higher the sample rate and this results in higher quality sound file. A good example of bit depth is in CD quality audio which has a bit depth of 16 bits and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz.

    • Word count: 2226
  21. Computer Addiction

    In many occasion, individuals with computer addiction may seek help for another condition such as depression, phobias or other addictions. Psychological symptoms of computer addiction are when you have a sense of well-being or excitement while at the computer, powerless to stop the activity, desperately seeking more and more time at the computer, ignoring family and friends, having problems with school or work. Also lying to employers and family about your activities, feeling empty, depressed, and irritable when not at the computer.

    • Word count: 1211
  22. Social Networking

    This research along with class discussions and handouts will construct this research project. As I mentioned before SNS user's has to consider boundaries regarding their occupation, if they are going to ignore this point they will not produce beneficial results, such as employees at work place use the SNS to communicate to their families or friends they cannot put as much effort as they spouse to towards their job which will be result for company in loss of productivity. An estimate shows that British industry loss �6.5 billion per annum productivity and uncertain bandwidth usage.

    • Word count: 1243
  23. Future needs of Computer

    Through E-Mail you can communicate with a person sitting thousands of miles away in seconds. There is chat software that enables one to chat with another person on a real-time basis. Video conferencing tools are becoming readily available to the common man. With desktop publishing, you can create page layouts for entire books on your personal computer. With computer, You can diagnose diseases. You can learn the cures. Software is used in magnetic resonance imaging to examine the internal organs of the human body. Software is used for performing surgery. Computers are used to store patient data.

    • Word count: 1234
  24. AS ICT Corsework - Mr Brookes K-Fit Ltd

    After that he decided to invest the money in where he thought there was a hole in the market. As trade has declined recently for Mr Brookes though he has been forced to take a new approach to work figuring out a way to develop on his business and increase his revenue. Which is why nearly all of his money is tied up in this factory development, he's hoping the company will use a range of CAD and CAM machinery.

    • Word count: 4362

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