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A report on the ICT system of the UCI cinema.

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REPORT B A report on the ICT system of the UCI and how it meets the needs identified in (a) By Ben Hewison In UCI cinemas they use the following system: UCI main hardware components and their purposes: INPUT DEVICES: THE MOUSE: The mouse contains a small ball inside a casing, which rolls along a surface and makes contact with two rollers either side of the casing one rolling vertical and the other horizontal, these send signals to the computer as they rotate forwards and backwards. The keys on the mouse, when pressed, cause a simple electrical contact, which again the computer recognises it and the click does what you need it to do. The mouse is very useful and is a quicker way of moving around the computer or for using quick entry on the computers point-and-click systems like windows. The disadvantage for the mouse is that unlike a keyboard it can't enter text and due to their moving parts they tend to wear out quite easily. UCI uses a mouse at the box office to select a certain ticket for a film and for the age pricing when the customers are buying their tickets. It is also used to open the needed programs and to work around their main computers. THE KEYBOARD: When a certain key is pressed an electrical contact is made at a certain place, which is recognised by the computer as a particular character, and the key you press is what you want it to be. The keyboard is very common for data entry it is a facility that most people can use and understand very easily, but speed is depended on the person typing. On the whole typing can be quite a slow process. The slower you type the less work you have done and the faster you type the more progress you make. UCI uses the keyboards to type letters, newsletters, and advertisement in newspapers, for their tickets and for their film schedules. ...read more.


The cable from the keyboard fits here and you can also getsome keyboards with cables that fit into the USB ports. SERIAL PORT A serial port is a common small D shaped connector for serial devices A mouse and a Keyboard are often fitted into these. PARALLEL PORT A parallel port is longer but thin D shaped connector for parallel devices often used for connecting a printer. A NETWORK PORT A network port is a port where you connect network cables too. The network cables and ports look just the same as on the telephone ports at home and the cables the same as on the phone. They are rectangular and have a little catch on the end to clip in to the computer easier with out falling out. They are used to link up with other computers so you can share files and run the same programmes. STORAGE DEVISES: FLOPPY DISKS: Floppy disks are very useful for storing small amounts of data and transferring small amounts of data to another computer. They can be rather unreliable though often subject to data corruption. Also rather small capacity of 1.44 mega bytes of data can be stored on each disk and they are quite slow. HARD DISKS: Hard Disks are very useful for storing large amounts of data around 10Gb of data within an average computer, usually reliable but are not useful for transferring data to another computer and can become faulty leading to enormous data loss. CD ROM: Electronic signals are stored permanently on a surface in a form, which can be collected optically, by the computer, using a laser. CD ROMs are very reliable and can hold large quantities of data. Disks can be removed easily so they can be used in different computers. But unfortunately they cannot be used to store data without the use of a CD Writer Device. The ROM implies read only. ...read more.


CRT Monitors Excellent for graphics causes eye strain need to change LCD panel CRT monitors provide high quality displays and reliability they are a great value for people who generally desire good text and graphics viewing. They are designed with high resolution and fine dot pitch for sharp text, spreadsheets, and crystal clear images. In CRT monitors, images are created by an electron beam activating glowing phosphors, these phosphors are reflective and create glare. LCD monitors however do not use phosphors and therefore do not have this problem. Also CRT monitors use glass whilst LCD monitors can use plastic/polymer instead also helping to reduced glare from office lighting interfering with the image on the monitor. The light weight and reduced size of LCD monitors means that they can easily be positioned on the desk thus allowing the viewer to more easily focus on the screen, it also means that LCDs can be mounted in a variety of ways to allow height adjustment and/or tilting for the most comfortable viewing position and a more flexible office space. The image on a CRT monitor must be refreshed around 80-90 times a second to negate flicker in the image, LCD monitors provide a continuous display at lower refresh rates making them inherently flicker free. Flickering can lead to visual fatigue and headaches preventing your staff from using their monitor for long stretches of time. The electron beam in CRT monitors gets larger at high brightness levels, this means there has to be a trade off between character brightness and sharpness. In LCD monitors the brightness adjustment and sharpness are independent allowing a brighter image with no loss of character sharpness, minimising eyestrain. If UCI could afford to buy CRT screens it would be a good investment because with LCD screens it could cause employees to get headaches and therefore with CRT the work rate would be higher. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Hewison ...read more.

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