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Ict - Changing the system of a video library.

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Ict coursework Jonny Sharpe Identify section The current system is a hand written and hand handled by Mr Roberts. It is a paper database where all details of the members, transaction and return details are stored. Mr Roberts currently operates all the system by himself and he does this to keep a record of all the bookings out of the videos, he does this by pen. He finds the page in the book allocated to the member, writes when the person needs to bring it back in, takes the payment then gives the video to the member. When a new member joins Mr Roberts takes all the details down in his book, then gives the new member a member number. Mr Roberts has to check every night for overdue videos. When a member's page is full, then Mr Roberts has to get a new page, this just adds to the ever-growing file of Mr Roberts. There are lots of problems with the system, it is very slow, it would wear down with over use, he cannot cope with the growing number of customers, He has to check every night to see which videos are overdue and hand type each letter and send them off the same night. This would be increasingly difficult when lots of members join. ...read more.


Software Justification Justify choice of software: Word: The program needs to handle numbers but word is very good at typing letters. Excel: This program would be ok for the video shop but there would have to be 1 sheet for the videos and 1 sheet for the member's details. This program would not be able to type letters up and print the letters off. Access: This program is excellent, this is because you can merge the video details and the members details together to give records of loans. This program can also produce reports in letter form and print them off. Data needed 1. This database is for the videos, it should show the number code, name. 2. Member's details should be shown on this page, name, address, membership number, telephone number, current video rented and the date it is due back. Design section This shows that I have made two tables to store information, one for the members details and one for the video details. I have entered 50 videos and 5o members into the tables. I have designed the system to alert me when there are overdue videos and to be able to book out videos and book in videos with ease. I linked the two together by making a link between the membership number and the video number as shown below. ...read more.


To collect data from new members I have a form that they fill out. They write on it their name, address, tel. number, and date of birth. I write their new membership number on it. 3) Each member has a membership number. It is a four-digit number, starting at 1000. 4) I don't use credit card details as there is too much security needed. 5) For new members I need two forms of identification, one with their name and address, i.e. a bank statement or gas bill for example and one with their photo on, i.e. theirs drivers licence or passport. 6) I haven't got a password system. If you think I should have one let me know how you think it would work. The problem is that customers would have to tell me their password and other customers could overhear it so it wouldn't be that secure. Evaluation I think the final product meets the standards set by Mr. Roberts. The only mistakes I have made is that I have given the example members, membership numbers starting at 200 and they are only 3 digit. The final product can do everything specified in the design requirements made by Mr. Roberts. The opinions of the users would be on the questionnaire I made. The only improvements that could be made to my database is that I could maybe produce an automatic report displaying all the information of the member on a report who's video is late, instead of just having a basic template. ...read more.

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