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Artificial Intelligence

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P1 What is Artificial Intelligence 1) o "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) - tools that exhibit human intelligence and behaviour including self-learning robots, expert systems, and voice recognition, natural and automated translation". * 1 o "Computer programs developed to mimic human intelligence, such as reasoning, learning, problem-solving, and making decisions. Artificial intelligence programs enable computers to perform tasks such as playing chess, proving mathematical theorems, etc". * 2 o "The use of programs to enable machines to perform tasks which humans perform using their intelligence. ...read more.


Non Artificial Intelligence 3) Car manufacturing robots: - these are kind of non artificial intelligence the for this is that they do not think or recognize things for example if there is not any door to be fixed the robots will do the action even if they are not carrying anything. Medical: - Non Artificial systems are also used in medical field. Where they use it to help the patients and find diseases also use them for treatment. ...read more.


information or storage of data, the output of this is called the management reports.**1 DSS - Decision Support Systems is an interactive computer-based system which helps to make decision that use communications technologies, data, documents, knowledge to discover and solve problems, Decision Support System is a common name for any computer application that helps a persons ability to improve make decisions.**2 REFRENCE * 1 www.google.com - define: Artificial Intelligence * 2 www.google.com - define: Artificial Intelligence * 3 www.google.com - define: Artificial Intelligence www.filosofia.net/materiales/rec/glosaen.htm**1 connectors.tycoelectronics.com/glossary/**2 www.unesco.org/education/educprog/lwf/doc/portfolio/definitions.htm http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/0,,sid9_gci510449,00.html http://dssresources.com/ ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Mohamed Riyasudeen Abdul Rasheed ...read more.

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