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Barriers to Communication

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Barriers to Communication Types of Barriers �In this presentation, I'll be talking about the different types of barriers to communication. �Barriers in communication make it hard to communicate effectively with our environment, making it stressful and discomforting. The following barriers below are what I will be talking about in this presentation: �Physical Barriers �Psychological Barriers �Language Barriers �Physiology Barriers �Attitudinal Barriers Physical Barriers �Physical barriers can be an issue to communication because of the nature of an environment e.g. Staffs working for a particular organisation could be in two different buildings, making to hard for them to communicate with each other resulting in them moving from one building to another which can be stressful. �Another Physical barrier is distraction such as background noise and poor lighting. Making it hard to get any work done moreover the temperature of the surrounding can interfere with effective communication. �A physical barrier that has affected me would be when I had an important appointment which I mustn't be late for but I eventually did; due to me missing the bus to the location of the appointment. ...read more.


Additionally you can try. �You can try to improve your self esteem and do things that will make you feel good about yourself. �Also try doing positive things so people can praise you and your self esteem can be improved Physiological Barriers �Physiological barriers in communication is when communication is affected due to the physical state of the person. e.g. communication can be interfered with if the person your communicating with is deaf so you can't communicate as effectively with them. �A physiological barrier that has affected me would be when I tried showing a deaf guy the way but due to his physical state, I ended up taking him to the location Overcoming Physiological Barriers �You can overcome physiological barriers in different ways e.g. if your talking to someone who is hard of hearing, you can try speaking clearly and louder also include sign language or you could try writing on paper while your communicating with them. ...read more.


when your at a press conference. �Furthermore to overcome language barriers you can subtitle the words e.g. when a movie to being shown Attitudinal Barriers �Attitudinal Barriers can happen in communication especially in a work, school or social environment e.g. you might not get along with the a work mate or maybe your not on good terms with a friend at school. �Another example is a boss who works his staff to death so with new rules they refused to comply and go on strike. �An attitudinal barrier that has affected me would be when I had some work to do at school but I refused to do it because I was dissatisfied with it and there was lack of motivation Overcoming Attitudinal Barriers �To overcome attitudinal barriers, its good to always have a positive attitude and always try to avoid unnecessary conflicts. �Also if you're a leader or in place of power be considerate so you won't have the people who work underneath you to change their feeling and attitude towards you ...read more.

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