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Computer Crime, Security and Data Protection.

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Computer Crime, Security and Data Protection Information Technology is a key component it the maintenance of our modern society. It is improving all the time, and in turn creates new opportunities. However, with the extent of criminals and fraud ICT is exploited. As information technology has spread, so too have computer crime and abuse. This is what this report will look at in great detail, and defines what Computer crime is and how it refers to the law. In this report I am going to cover the following areas on computer crime: * Computer crime and abuse * Computer crime and the law * Security threats to ICT systems * How to protect to ICT systems * Data Protection Legislation Computer Crime, abuse and the law As new technologies increase it creates new opportunities for crime, this is what computer crime and abuse entails. However, Computer abuse refers acts that are legal but unethical. For example; the Internet exploits this by having a lenient policy that computer abusers can create or construct lawful but very unsuitable sites for the innocent public to view. Here are some higher and lower case example of computer abuse situations... ...read more.


Worms invade a computer and steal its resources to replicate themselves. They use networks to spread themselves. A Trojan horse appears to do one thing but does something else. The system may accept it as one thing, but upon execution it may release a virus, worm or logic bomb. A logic bomb is an attack triggered by an event, like the computer clock reaching a certain date. It might release a virus or be a virus itself. No defence No one connected to a computer network is really safe from hackers. But remember most invasions or infections don't result in serious injury to the system that has been attacked. The only real defence is limiting your risk by using virus scanners and enforcing security measures on network computers. But in the end, hackers see security systems as a challenge, not an obstacle. Computer fraud and crime In the world of computers, computer fraud and computer crime are very serious issues facing every computer user. This ranges from system administrators to personal computer users who do work in the office or at home. Computers without any means of security are vulnerable to attacks from viruses, worms, and illegal computer hackers. ...read more.


Businesses lose three hundred million to about five billion dollars yearly due to these computer criminals; hackers or computer information thieves. Computer security has come a long way since the creation of computers. But still we cannot fully believe our computers are fully secure and safe from unwanted hackers. Computer security is very hard to create presently for anyone can get in if they know what to do. How to protect from Viruses Companies are becoming more aware and threatened by the fact that their computers are prone to attack. Virus scanners are becoming necessities on all machines. Installing and monitoring these virus scanners takes many hours and a lot of money for site licenses. Many server programs are coming equipped with a program called "netlog". This is a program that monitors the computer use of the employees in a company on the network. The program monitors memory and file usage. A qualified system administrator should be able to tell by the amounts of memory being used and the file usage if something is going on that should not be. If a virus is found, system administrators can pinpoint the user who put the virus into the network and investigate whether or not it was intended. Matthew Ainsworth 4/27/07 1 ...read more.

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