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Describe the following networking technologies:TCP/IP addresses Ports Protocols Domain name. The estate agency will be adding ICT to their company, which will create a network. in network there are lots of assets which gradually builds a network. I am

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Q2. Describe the following networking technologies: (P3) TCP/IP addresses Ports Protocols Domain name. TCP/IP addresses- are a network that identifies the addresses of a computer or any devices on a TCP/IP network. The networks that use the protocol to route information contains a message which has a destination reach to. A TCP/IP addresses contains nine numbers but separated by a full stop. Each number can start from 0 and has a limit up to 255. The TCP/IP connects networks that are different sizes and system of different types. The IP address os 32 bit number which uniquely identifies a host such as, a computer, wireless printer and so on. Ports- a port can be found internally and externally within a computer. A port can be described as a socket. Most computers contain more then one serial ports. The serial port allows you to connect devices or USB slots e.g. scanners, printers. Protocols- the protocol will be moving around information, it's a language most computers use over the internet, and also it allows two or more computers to communicate at once. ...read more.


I am going to list five network assets which are ... * Server * Cables * Computer * Printer * HUB I have suggested all the five network assets above; these are the most common that builds a network. Server- a server will be needed; the server will be controlling all the computers and running the computers. The server will be checked, if the server failed, most computers will be affected unless they had a back up server. Cables- the cables will need to be regularly checked because, cables sometime tend to break or be faulty. If this occurred than, this will stop computers from running and also data cannot be transferred. Computer- the computer will be needed to be regularly checked because, computer sometime fail and stop working, this can be reason for viruses or operating system failure. Also if the computer is not regularly checked, the computer performance maybe decreasing and you need to check why that is. Printer- the printer needs to be regularly checked because; printers always need refilling in order to print out work and also sometimes printer tend to have paper jam so its need monitoring. ...read more.


The sever can access be accessed in multiply platforms. The other advantage is the server examine s the poor performance and improves it, also data is handled by the server which allows the network to run more efficient. The last advantage is, the network which is connected to the server collects all the data and stores it, which makes it easier to back up data. The disadvantage of this network are, it tends to run slow because it is controlling so many computers at once and trying to make them all communicate at once, also another disadvantage is the silent server network is generally more expensive to set up. The other disadvantage is, if there was a problem occurred in the server, everything will fail, also the server can overload. Server- the server is required because; server is the same as a computer, the server will provide data such as e.g. work, the eight computers will not save the work, the data will be saved in the server and the server will transfer the data to the specific computer. Also the server will keeps logs of things, so if the company need to check anything recent the server can provide them with that information. ...read more.

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