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Design -Consideration for possible solutions - Comparison of alternative solutions.

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Design Consideration for possible solutions Comparison of alternative solutions This project could have been implemented in a number of different ways, for example either a database or spreadsheet package could be used, or the current paper based system could be streamlined for a more efficient data management. However, I have decided to use a spreadsheet package above the rest as it contain certain advantages which are very useful within the context of a stocking system for a restaurant. It is far better than a paper based system due to the automation available in a computerised system. This would mean that there would be a lot less mistakes when totalling up invoices and purchase order requisitions. The spreadsheet system also speed up the whole process from hours of paper work to jus a few clicks of a button, and the computerised system will not forget anything, so what needs to be done, will be done, unless the user decided to leave it out. As the spreadsheet system is computerised, all outputs will be printed, so will be much clearer, which would lead to less mistakes on both the restaurant's and the supplier's part. It would also be easier to improve the company's image as all outputs could contain the company logo, which would automatically be printed along with the POR (purchase order requisition). ...read more.


2 With the aid of the user forms, it should be very easy to navigate User forms are also available in Excel, so compares well with Access. The masses of paper, which will have to be used, could cause much confusion, so navigation will not be easy. 3 Access 97 has been known to crash on slower, less powerful machines. So a reliable computer system is required for the smooth running of Access. Excel, less demanding on a system than Access, will still prove to be unstable on extremely slow machines. A paper base system will never crash, however are susceptible to coffee stains, crumpling, ad being eaten by the dog 4 Again with the aid of the user forms, and the manual, the process should not take much time. The process should take even less time in Excel as each cell can have a note attached to it, to act as a reminder to the user of what to do. The user mush hand produce all tasks, so will consume large quantities of time 5 Access is by far the most expensive piece of software, with the latest editions reaching into the hundreds of pounds, then plus the new computer system Excel, although cheaper than Access is still expensive, costing approximately �50. ...read more.


Test plan Test number Test Purpose Expected result Comment / verified 1 Erroneous "landau" Test password upon entry Error message 2 Click all buttons Navigation buttons on front end user form To be taken to the designated page 3 Normal "15" Validation on sales sheet Entry to be accepted and sales sheet to be updated 4 Extreme "1" and "44" Validation on sales sheet Entry to be accepted and sales sheet to be updated 5 Erroneous "hay" Validation on sales sheet Error message 6 Normal "27" Extreme "1" and "44" Erroneous "-8" Validation on menu section Accept entry Accept entry Error message 7 Sales data To see if sales data changes data in stocks Stock details to change accordingly 8 Open then document To see if the auto open macro is functioning The appearance of the program to change to one specified by the macro 9 Close altered program and open new spreadsheet Test auto close macro New spreadsheet should appear as default 10 Click modify "sheet" in modify user form Check that alterations to data can be made The specified area to be unlocked and the user, able to enter new information 11 Enter data into linked cells and calculate by hand, the expected figures To check that all formula function properly Figured should match, which suggests that the formulae are correct 12 Check that all lookups are correct Check that all logical ifs are operational ...read more.

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