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Fire Administration I 1 April 2006Selection Process for Entry-Level Firefighters The selection process for entry-level firefighters in the Hurst, Euless, and Bedford

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Dale Skinner Instructor Travis Ownby FIRT 1309 - Fire Administration I 1 April 2006 Selection Process for Entry-Level Firefighters The selection process for entry-level firefighters in the Hurst, Euless, and Bedford (HEB) area is similar to that across the country. The process begins with a written assessment. The written test is comprised of reading comprehension; interpreting tables; situational judgment; logical reasoning; applying basic math rules; mechanical aptitude; spatial sense; map reading; and vocabulary. (IPMA Assessment Services 2003)These tests are usually purchased from International Public Management Association (IPMA). Once the applicant has successfully passed the written exam, they proceed to the physical agility test. The agility tests consist of job specific tasks that firefighters usually perform at an emergency scene. The agility test must be completed within a specified time. The next step in the selection process is the panel interview. ...read more.


Candidates who accept the job offer will undergo a medical physical and psychological examination. The purpose of these exams is to ensure that the candidate is physically and emotionally stable enough to perform as firefighters. Tremendous research is put into developing a valid written assessment tool by IPMA to ensure that candidates have the knowledge base required for the position. The physical agility test consist job specific tasks that firefighters in the HEB area would most likely conduct at every structure fire they encounter. A time limit for the agility test is established by incumbent firefighters taking the test. The slowest time by the incumbents is utilized as the maximum time limit given to the candidates. The panel interview although subjective, tests the candidate's interpersonal skills and knowledge base. ...read more.


The medical physical exam utilizes standards established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These standards establish the: Medical evaluation of candidates including history, examination, and laboratory tests as indicated shall be performed on each candidate in order to detect any physical or medical condition(s) that could adversely affect the candidate's ability to safely perform all essential job tasks under emergency conditions. (NFPA 1582 2003 Edition.) The selection process for the HEB area has proven to be effective in selecting qualified personnel for the entry-level position of firefighter. One identified weakness noted is the physical agility test. Females taking the agility test tend to not possess the strength and endurance required to successfully pass the exam. One method that would improve the pass rate for females is to establish a fitness program for perspective applicants. This program would include weight and cardiovascular training. Active participants in the training program would then possess the physical requirements needed to pass the exam. ...read more.

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