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Hospital Equipment Loan System

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___ 45 Hospital Equipment Loan System 20.1 The following Practical Exercise is for Summer 2002 Examination only 20.2 Background One of the administrative tasks in a hospital is to keep a record of loans to patients of equipment such as wheel chairs and crutches. The patients borrowing the equipment may be still in hospital or they may have been discharged. Records have to be kept of what equipment has been borrowed, by whom and when, and also if any equipment is not available because it is being repaired. You have been asked to create a computer application to replace the present manual one to record the necessary details to enable greater control to be kept and so cut down on loss and wastage. ...read more.


The data which is recorded should be sufficient to find the following information for any individual piece of equipment: ??whether it is available, being repaired or out on loan ??if on loan, to whom and at what address or ward number ??if on loan, when is it due to be returned or the loan renewed ??if being repaired, when was it sent for repair Computing - Advanced Subsidiary and A Level, 2001/2002 4. It may be necessary to produce a hard copy of this information for any piece of equipment. 5. Equipment is lent out for a 6-week period in the first place, but this loan can be renewed for periods of 6 weeks. ...read more.


20.5 Requirements for the Practical Exercise Candidates are expected to design and implement an appropriate computing system and provide sufficient documentation to demonstrate the following practical skill. ??Design ??Implement / Test Candidates are expected to produce brief documentation including some or all of the following, as appropriate. Design ??definition of data requirements; ??user interface design including output, forms and reports; ??method of data entry, including validation; ??record structure, file organisation and processing; ??security and integrity of data; ??system design. Implementation / testing ??hard copy output to prove the correct working of the system; ??hard copy of solution, e.g. annotated program listing, spreadsheet showing formulae. This documentation is to be brought to the examination and handed in with the candidates' answer script for Unit 3. A Cover Sheet, signed by the teacher and the candidate, authenticating the work of the candidate, must be attached to the documentation (see Appendix B). ...read more.

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