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Implementing New Technology In To A Business

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Unit 35: Impact Of The Use Of IT On Business Systems Task 2 - Implementing New Technology In To A Business Part 1, 2 & 3 Ben Price 10/15/2009 Part 1- Changes That Organisations Have Had To Make To Their Activities and Performances due to New Technology 2 Activities 2 Performance 4 Part 2 - How Employees and Employers are Affected by Changes in IT 6 Part 3 - How Organizations Can Manage Risks When Using New Technology 8 Cyber Crime 8 Security Measures 9 Part 1- Changes That Organisations Have Had To Make To Their Activities and Performances due to New Technology Activities Organisations have to adapt their activities to promote their products and acquisition of products and other businesses. Adapting Sales and Marketing Strategies Some organisations are now changing the way that they market and sell their products to show their developments in IT. Organisations can now market their product by showing it on search engine results, this is a cheaper way in marketing their product world wide but it might be hard getting the top spot on a search results page. Business deals can not only be by the phone where people have to be employed, it can now be done by email, over the internet, conferences and video calls. This will allow the organisation to get the product quicker and will generate more business from abroad. This can also reduce the price of the product and this might be passed on to the customer, this will allow the organisation to be more competitive. Organisations can use viral marking to promote products. They can put adverts on social networks, were people will send information to another person. This will work well with teenagers who use social networks a lot. Some organisations will partner up with each other organisations to promote each products on their websites. Organisations can monitor or log sales using specialist software. ...read more.


It allows the organisation IT systems to work more effectively. Organisation needs to make sure that when it upgrades the IT systems that they will work with each other and make sure staff can use it. Organisations that have an EDI or an MIS tend to be able integrate systems more effective. Part 2 - How Employees and Employers are Affected by Changes in IT Organisations have adapted their way of working when they use new IT developments, they may have to adapt to new staffing structures and job titles. Up Skilling of Workforce Employers A business will have to make sure that it knows when to train to use new IT developments. Sometimes the organisation will have to train staff to use specialist software, the employees will not be able to learn how to use to software it just a few hours they will need time to learn the features and functions of the software. They will need to think of the employees learning styles as many people will learn in different ways and also they also have different levels of ability and confidence. This will also have to be taken in to account when they like at the impact of adapting to new IT developments. Employees Employees will have to keep up to date with technology; some employers will employ new staff with the relevant knowledge and make other employees redundant. Employers might send employers to get trained to use new software in work hours or they might be asked to go in their own time. Dealing with Redundant Skills and Employees Employers When an organisation changes the way it operates can impact the number of staff. Organisations must make sure that it does not have unnecessary cost and should deal with redundant skills and employees. When an organisation decides to make people redundant they will have to decide what role they are going to make redundant to make it worthwhile, they also need to think about any other costs like, office space and resources. ...read more.


Security Personal can look around to see if there are any suspicious people around and move people on. They could also watch the CCTV Backups It is important that orgainisations have a back up of important information, it will depend on what sort of information is backed up on a regular basis. Individuals should make sure that they back up files on a regular and frequently. It is important for organisations to make sure that they back up financial accounts before and after each month end and annually. Decisions being made about what files are saved and what data is contain in them. Backups should be also including mobile phones and PDA's. It is important to documenting a network as it prevents loss of important network information; it can reduce the need to research solutions. The documenting must be up to date. It is a good idea to document the following: * Listing addressing schemes * Domain structures * Cable runs * Customers, Suppliers, etc Disaster Recovery Procedures Back up and recovery is very important to ensure that the system is secure and safe. Having a back up and restoring is critical, some organisations should back up there data every day and done overnight, but it depends on the size of the company. Some organisations keep their records on a off site location and keep them for at least a day, but some keep them monthly or weekly. Power surge equipment should be brought to protect equipment; as if there is a electrical storm they can cause power surges and can damage electrical equipment. Organisations should have a disaster recovery policy, which gives the details about what actions can be taken in an event of a human or natural disaster which can affect an organisation. Disasters may be: fire, natural disasters, power failure, disruptions, terrorist attacks, equipment failure, human error, etc. The policy may include procedures for: data relocation, alternative sites, additional workers and equipment. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Price 9 ...read more.

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