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Market research and methods of marketing.

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Marketing is all about promoting a product to potential and existing customers. Sometimes Sales and marketing are lumped together, but they are really quite different functions. Market Research The first thing that needs to be done when a company is contemplating a new product or service is to do some market research. Which means trying to find out whether people really want or need your product, or what particular thing about similar products thing about similar products they find most useful or attractive. Computers are used for many aspects of market research. Computers using a desktop publisher package probably produce the survey forms. These may be special OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) forms. Responses are made by making pencil marks in predetermined positions on the page, which can automatically be read by a computer. Methods of Marketing Different ways of marketing products: * Advertising in newspapers and magazines * Advertising on TV, radio and in the cinema * Advertising on posters * Handing out flyers * Direct mail to selected address * Advertising on a website * Exhibiting at Trade fairs * Having sales representatives visit stores * Using the telephone Discussion I have seen all these marketing methods in operation. ...read more.


This creates, for example, personalised letters to each recipient. Some companies specialise in direct mail. They keep up-to-date lists of organisations that might be interested in particular products or services. For example, a drugs company might want a list of all doctors' surgeries in a particular area. System maintenance Keeping data safe and computers running smoothly is crucial for organisations of keeping data safe. Many small companies install expensive IT systems but do not have any kind of technical support. The cost of having no proper backup can be devastating. A recent survey concluded that a company unable to get at its data for 10 day will never fully recover and 43% of them will go under. Backups Backing up data on a regular basis, usually every day is vital if data is not to be lost when disaster strikes. Backup copies must be kept in case of fire or theft. THE CPU The Components of a Computer All computers, whatever their size or function, have certain components. They have input devices for reading data into main memory, a central processing unit for processing data, output devices and printing, displaying or outputting information, and storage devices for permanent storage of program and data. ...read more.


In contrast ROM is not even mentioned. A PC will only have a small amount of ROM, and you wont get a chance to use it because all the instructions held in ROM have to be burned into the memory chip before it leaves the factory. Processor Speed. The speed of the processor is one of the main factors that determines how fast the computer processes the instructions. The other factor is to determine the performance of a computer is the amount of memory it has. Modern software takes up a huge amount of software. Increasing a computers memory will help to alleviate this problem. You can find out how much memory your computer has by clicking start, Programs, Accessories, System tools, System information. Exercises The physical memory of the computer being used is 261,618Kb. This is 2.6Mb. The total physical memory of my computer is 256.00MB and the total available memory is 39.40MB. When I closed almost all the application except for Microsoft word the available memory went up to 54.98MB. Jennifer Masterton 11T chapters 23 and 24 ICT in Organisations ...read more.

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