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Setting up a business - Tod's Tyres.

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Tom O'Neill L6LY Tod's Tyres 8172 Introduction Tod's tyres is a company which deals in fitting new sets of tyres to fleets of cars. Tod has to record the details of each car, and send the owners a letter when the cars are due for new tyres. Previously, this could all be done manually, but the growth of the company has meant there is a need for a more efficient system. The existing system is all manual, with Tod or one of his clerks keeping a book containing all the details of cars he maintains, as well as the addresses of his clients. He writes out a letter on a basic word processor on his home computer, and changes the address manually. A new design is needed to make the company more efficient, as Well as increase the capacity for adding new customers in the future. Ideally, the system should be very easy to use, as Tod himself is not very experienced with computers. Because Tod hold's the details of his customers on this computer, it must be protected from unauthorised use. A good way to do this would be to protect either the entire computer or the database with a password Specification of solution The Solution, for it to be a complete success, must be capable of each of the following: 1. It must store each record in a way that it is easily visible, easily compared with similar records, and easily retrievable with a query 2. It has to be protectable with at least a password, to satisfy the requirements of the data protection act. 3. The database itself must be easy and intuitive to use for its users, and must be a stable and reliable program. ...read more.


more easily than having each record on paper, for instance, or even entering the information in a word-processing application. For example, it's a lot easier to add a record in-between two others, because a Database program like Access will automatically update other fields, like the "Autonumber" field, for example. It's also a lot easier to move the records down in the first place, because the database program has many spreadsheet features. The screenshot here shows the option clearly visible. However, performing the same operation in word can send records all over the page. Entity Relationship diagram This illustrates the relationships the solution will need to take into account. The relationships should ideally be linked in real time, so that changing the record in one table will automatically update the fields in another table. Database Notation: ACCOUNTS (Customer account ID, No. of cars name, company address ,company postcode, 5% discount?) CARS (Customer account ID, Car ID, Model name, Reg number, Last tyres date) CURRENT JOBS (Customer account ID, Car ID, Date in, reg number) TYRE STOCKS(Tyre ID, Number left in stock) Data dictionary Car Database Fieldname Type Description Customer ID Number duplicates OK Car ID Autonumber Duplicates not OK Comments Text (256 characters) Allows other car details to be recorded, e.g. year of production Reg Number Text Only accepts 'new' numbers (?? ?? ???) Tyre type needed Text - (P1000 OR P3000 OR P5000 OR P7000) Indicates which tyre type best suits the car Last change date Date/time Should display the date in days, months and years. Example... Accounts Database Fieldname Type Description Customer ID Autonumber Must be indexed, duplicates not OK No. of cars Number Preferably looks up quantity of cars listed 5% Discount? ...read more.


Using the switchboard to increase tyre stocks (e.g. following a delivery of fresh tyres) automatically updates the 'tyre stocks' table. The table is updated successfully, which suggests the switchboard has allowed for real-time editing of the database 9. Because of the following validation rules in the 'tyres used' field: Putting in a value greater than 5 or lower than 1 produces the following error message: Evaluation The system has left Tod with a powerful database of stock and account details. This has completely computerised the system, making it more efficient and productive. This has meant addresses are accessible at the touch of a button, saving time. The added increase in staff morale has made the firm more efficient, as happier workers are more productive. This increased efficiency will save the firm money in the short run. This means extra profit for the firm. However, improvements could still be made in the future, including these points: 1. Connecting the system to the internet, allowing Tod to simply email reminders to interested clients. This would make the entire system more reliable and efficient, since labour costs are reduced by eliminating the need for a clerk to put the letters in envelopes, etc. It also reduces the possibility for human error, as long as the details are correctly input in the first place. 2. Upgrading the computer to make the system more stable. More RAM in future upgrades may prove particularly useful. Also, over time the company may wish to transfer the details into a bespoke system. This would maximise processing power, since RAM is being dedicated only to the basic functions of the database, and not unnecessary functions such as a windows shell. Also, it would reduce the possibility of time being wasted by employees on unrelated applications, like games on the computer. Tom O'Neill Page 2 07/05/07 2944 Words ...read more.

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