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Setting up a database for a shop selling P.C.'s.

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Specification Analysis This computer company is based on the choosing of the customers of which specific parts needed and will be delivered within a week (just log on to our e mail, phone e.t.c). It has been put on-line and can be also be visited in stores worldwide. The biggest store is in Birmingham. Currently my uncle runs the store called tiny and specialises in selling 'Pc computers'. However for external features specific cases can be designed to determine the best result. In this case black/silver grey is very well contrast of colours for a computer. I will use design templates to experiment with the appearance and ask various people what they think using questionnaires and interviews picking people randomly. Personal computers are a collection of parts assembled together in the correct position. The parts only function when everything is installed and each part contributes to the motherboard. Additionally the computer is the CPU covered with a casing. Judging by the necessity of the project there needs to be updates regularly and current sales of the prices due to special celebrations such as Christmas. Also the monitor needs to be taken into consideration because the customer who is going to buy this product needs to be able to have a matching casing and a reasonable sized monitor influenced by health and safety. Causes stress on the eyes, flickering of the screen, dizziness, headache and even the eye hurting since a long period of computer usage. Accessories are also needed i.e. the input such as the mouse (mouse pad for comfort), keyboard, speakers, scanner, printer and graphical user interface. Adjustable chair to prevent back strain, high quality screen to prevent eyestrain leading to stress and RSI. Ergonomic keyboard to prevent wrist strain. Foot rest to prevent back pain and change in working patterns to allow change in muscles and cause less stress and RSI. ...read more.


and uses up less electricity is replacing the pictures by finding a similar picture on the internet and text and be re-typed which doesn't take long. If there is a lot of text or for another reason go to a public place that has the facility of a scanner or even visit a family or friend. Is an alternative method and proved inexpensive. Printer ? File or document can be saved on disk or sent via e-mail from one computer (no printer) to another computer, which has the facility to print (can be retrieved when logged on to a computer which is attached to a printer). E-mail can be prioritised to denote importance to the symbol by marking the symbol on the work. Found either in public places e.g. Internet Caf� or go to family and friends, saved on disk using the disk drive. Is an alternative method and proved inexpensive. DVD ? Specially designed to watch movies on computer or listen to music, which is only used for leisure activities and is not relevant. Re-writer ? Re-writer drive can copy CD's illegally if it has been labelled as copyright and to exclude this piece of technology would decrease the rate of illegal activity and prevent people from breaking the data protection act called software piracy. Also used to make a back up of saved work but a disk can carry out same function. Digital camera Can be used for Sending pictures to ? Used to send graphical pictures to a recipient, which is mostly used for leisure activities and can use chat lines or internet. Also used for businesses but is a very expensive piece of technology. Video conferencing Very costly and both parties need ? Both members need specialist equipment to communicate and this proves the method is costly. Other methods of communication such as the internet using chat lines or e-mail where you can send or receive e-mails. ...read more.


�896.09 is returned in C16 18 Test Vlookup in in C21 returns correct values from the computer worksheet Type PC returned in C21 Entering the total cost for computer parts 19 Test the prices are looked correctly from the table contaning computer parts. Select Company i.e Tiny 84643 C21 should return to �896.09 Calculating the total cost of the Quote: 20 Test the formula C16 Data for test 19 above Bill worked out on spreadsheet using autosum i.e �896.09 Automating the filing of quotes: 21 Test the macro where no data is entered No data entered Warning sign should appear 22 Shortcut key for entering data e.g. date Date, company name, address of company Fast method of input preventing re-typing Clearing the current screen to enter a new quote 23 Test macro 'clear screen' after using spreadsheet Whole of quotes spreadsheet Screen should be clear 24 Test macro 'clear screen' after quoets been filled Forename, surname, Address 1, Adress2 and postcode Screen should be clear Printing the Qoute 25 Test details are taken from the quotes sheet to the pinted quote worksheet sheet Computer parts and details Details display correctly on the pinted quote worksheet Adding the user options 26 Test Pint Quote Test macro button Print Quote 27 Test links to other worksheet Test Macro button Be able to switch to chosen sheet and back to quotes worksheet Customerising the interface and finishing touches 28 Test the auto-open macro sarts the systerm correctly Starts the system System loads and removes Excel stranmdard features 29 Test the auto-open macro closes the systerm correctly Close the system down System closes Excel stranmdard features Add the front end and further options 30 Test the help button None, test macro button On screen help messages given 31 Test the auto-open again macro sarts the systerm correctly Start the system up System loads up front page. 32 Test the exit macro button None, test macro button System closes down User testing 33 Install the system in the officw at Tin for a week for Reek and his employees and see if it meets his requirements. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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