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"Smart Cards "

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"Smart Cards " Introduction: Smart Cards are being extensively used in various fields of life. It has provided customers with the ease of mobility while carrying their personal details with them in an extremely secure manner. Smart Cards have been implemented initially as pre-paid phone cards and picked up trends to be used for e-commerce today. Today I will present the basic structure of a smart card, it's uses, security feature, and the various benefits customers can enjoy. What Is A Smart Card? Smart Cards can be thought of being a specialized form of computing that are plastic cards same in size and shape as that of a credit card with an integrated microprocessor and memory. History Of Smart Cards: Smart cards can be traced back to 1968 when using plastic cards as the carrier of microchips was first developed by the German inventors Jurgen Dethloff and Helmut Grotrupp .Two years later, in 1970, Kunitaka Arimura developed a similar application. Then in 1980 Smart Cards were introduced in Europe for pre-paid phone cash. When a customer purchased this pre-paid phone card, it contained the total amount of "cash" available against which calls could be made. ...read more.


On the other hand normal credit cards have to be secured from scratches and being tempered. The chip also has a unique chip serial no. which identifies the make, type, production date for the chip. ? Personal information is read/write protected: Any sensitive data stored on the smart card is permanently burnt into the microprocessor chip and safe from modification. This is called non-volatile data. ? Data is secure using encryption/decryption: Various encryption and decryption codes are used to encode/decode data when storing it in smart card. This stores data in a secret form so that it cannot be understood and used unless the decryption code is known. ? Capable of storing temporary modifiable information: Smart cards are also provided with a modifiable memory storage, which can store temporary details. This is updated each time the card is used. Hence a card can receive , process and send information as and when required by the processing application. ? It can process information: Smart cards are capable of processing information. Banking transactions use details from stored on the smart card, process it during application execution and then update details on the smart card. The processing of data is done in a temporary storage called volatile memory, which is used during the phase of data processing. ...read more.


The advantages they offer consumers are: * The card can carry personal account, credit and buying preference information that can be accessed with a mouse click instead of filling out forms. * Cards can manage and control expenditures with automatic limits and reporting. * Internet loyalty programs can be deployed across multiple vendors with disparate POS systems and the card acts as a secure central depository for points or rewards. * "Micro Payments" - paying nominal costs without transaction fees associated with credit cards or for amounts too small for cash ,like reprint charges. Campus Badging and Access Businesses and universities of all types need simple identity cards for all employees and students. Most of these people are also granted access to certain data, equipment and departments according to their status. Multifunction, microprocessor-based smart cards incorporate identity with access privileges and also store value for use in various locations, such as cafeterias and stores. Conclusion Smart cards can add convenience and safety to any transaction of value and data;They have largely replaced a lot of credit card and money transactions. The industry analysts and the specialized press forecast a brilliant future for the smart cards. Billions of cards are predicted to be circulating in a few years as it has provided greater mobility to users and security when online transactions or authentic checks are concerned. ...read more.

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