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System I designed in order to produce a promotion package for her newly formed company selling music CD's.

Extracts from this document...


Analysis Statement The following is a statement giving details of the task set: My friend was impressed with the system I designed in order to produce a promotion package for her newly formed company selling music CD's. The business has expanded rapidly with the large number of music CD titles in stock and has many regular customers. She would also like to develop a mail order service within the business. All the information at the moment is kept on paper based records and she is finding it difficult to locate information due to the increasing volume of sales in the business. My friend has been advised to convert her records onto a computer-based system and was given a floppy disk to containing sample data on current music titles available on CD to start her off. She has no idea how to access this information and has commissioned me to evaluate this data and devise a system that will allow her to keep her records of music CD's in stock, and customers for the mail order section of the company. My system will include: * Data capture sheets for CD data and customer details * Collection and input of data * Evidence that I have chosen a data-handling package and constructed a database. * * Presentation of the results in the form of printouts demonstrating the information which can be obtained from searching * A comprehensive User Guide so that my friend and her employees can use the system * An explanation of what has been done at every stage of my work, giving details of the software used and how it enabled me to create and develop my work. My work will be presented in five labelled sections as shown below: * Analysis * Design * Implementation * Testing * Evaluation My work will be secured in a plastic folder with a front sheet, which includes the following details: * A bold large heading; * A sub heading; * A graphic; * My ...read more.


run Office E-mail * Some Internet functionality may require Internet access and payment of a separate fee to a service provider Troubleshooting guide for Microsoft Access A database will not compact for any of the following reasons: � You don't have enough storage space on your disk for both the original and compacted versions of the database. Delete any unneeded files and try again. � You don't have Modify Design or Administer permission for all tables in the database. If you don't own this database, contact its owner to find out whether you can be given either of these permissions on all tables. If you own this database, you need to update your permissions for all tables. For more information on assigning permissions, click. � If an object in a version 1.x database includes the backquote character (`) in its name, you won't be able to compact the database. Use Microsoft Access version 1.x to rename the object, and then change any references to it in your queries, forms, reports, macros, and code. Assign or remove permissions for a database and existing database objects 1 Open the database that contains the objects you want to secure. The workgroup information file in use when you log on must contain the user or group accounts you want to assign permissions for at this time; however, you can assign permissions to groups and add users to those groups later. 2 On the Tools menu, point to Security, and then click User and Group Permissions. 3 On the Permissions tab, click Users or Groups, and then click the user or group whose permissions you want to assign in the User/Group Name box. 4 Click the type of object in the Object Type box, and then click the name of the object to assign permissions for in the Object Name box. Tip You can select multiple objects in the Object Name box by dragging through the objects you want to select or by holding down CTRL and clicking the objects you want. ...read more.


DAVID M 03/05/68 TOTTENHAM 77 Park Lane Cheque 15 BATISTUTA GABRIEL M 02/04/69 ROME 19 Santi Bernabeau Cheque 17 REBROV SERGEI M 12/12/75 WALSALL 24 White Hart Lane Cheque 20 ANDERTON DARREN M 26/10/71 TOTTENHAM 34 Trafalgar Square Cheque 26 MICHAELS SHAWN M 21/07/67 NEW YORK 97 HBK Merchandise Cheque 27 AUSTIN STEVE M 07/06/85 TEXAS 44 Rattlesnake Willows Cheque 29 SINGH PIARA F 01/01/39 SLOUGH 4 Poppy Drive Cheque The system browses for the word 'cheque' and provides the answer to the search, for the user of the system. Results of my searches I have analysed the results of my searches and compared them with the original stated requirements. I found that my searches were successful with AND, OR and NOT, therefore the user can use my system properly. The results show that the user only needs to type in a few characters to get what they want out of the searches. Comments from third party Below are the comments made by my friend about the viability of my new system: - 'Daljit's work is very thorough and he has very worked hard to create the new system. He has tested it in different ways to see that it functions correctly and has expanded it from the previous system that he created. To show how the system can be improved he has demonstrated ways of linking it to the world-wide web, just as the leading music companies have done, therefore music can be ordered on-line. His system works accurately as his searches proved and any user that uses the system can use it efficiently and effectively.' The following are the changes that I made as a result of the comment above: - * I produced annotated hard copy evidence at each stage of my work to show my improvement. * I asked the views of more than one person about the viability of my system and found that the comments were similar to my friend. * I included extra fields in my design. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Computer Science section.

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