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Tod's Tyres is a small business that supplies new car tyres to company car fleets and car hire firms. I have been asked to create a computer application, either programmed or using a database, to replace the current manual record-keeping system.

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Contents Contents 1 Design 2 Definition of data requirements 2 User interface design including output, forms and reports 3 Method of data entry, including validation 5 Record structure, file organisation and processing 5 System design 11 Security and integrity of data 12 Implementation/Testing 13 Design Background Tod's Tyres is a small business that supplies new car tyres to company car fleets and car hire firms. I have been asked to create a computer application, either programmed or using a database, to replace the current manual record-keeping system. Definition of data requirements When a car is brought to Tod, the following information is recorded on the card "CARDTBL": (invoice number), (car registration number), (company name), (type of tyre), (date), (car mileage), (number of new tyres fitted), (comment) and (total price). The next time the company books in a recorded car for new tyres, Tod checks the cars file to see what type of tyre that car has fitted; he then ensures hat he has the required tyres in stock: "PRICELISTTBL" (type of tyres), (manufacturers code) and (customer's price ex VAT). Tod gets his tyres from one supplier only. ...read more.


Query used to determine those whose cars have not been fitted with new tyres for over 12 months I have named this particular query overdue and it basically calculates which customer has not had any tyres fitted for over a year since their last fitting. The formula used here is entered under the criteria for the field date. "<Date()-365" Design of mail-merged document - a letter is sent to people who have not had their tyres checked on their vehicle for a period of over twelve months... Create and print form letters 1. On the Tools menu, point to Letters and Mailings, and then click Mail Merge Wizard. 2. Under Select document type, click Letters. The active document becomes the main document. 3. Click Next: Starting document. 4. Click Use the current document. You can then either type the letter in the document window, or wait until the wizard prompts you to do so in a later step. 5. Under Select recipients, click Use an existing list. 6. Click Browse. 7. In the Select Data Source dialog box, locate and click the data source you want. ...read more.


Add validation text, to make error box appear 15 Test validation Check field size for street address is 50 Message box No message box appears and invalid data is not accepted. Add validation text, to make error box appear Evidence Test 1 - To check the system only allows Car Registration numbers of the post-2001 format. Test 2 - To check invoice is produced with all specified information. Test 3 - To check standard reminder letter is correctly produced. Test 5 - check security (Type correct password). Test 6 - check security (Type incorrect password). Test 7 - check security (Leave password blank). Test 8 - test formula (Check discount is subtracted correctly). Test 9 - test formula (Check VAT is added correctly). Test 10 - test formula (Check query "overdue" calculates customers who have not had new tyres replaced over 12 months). Test 11 - test validation (Check number of tyres fitted does not exceed 5). Test 12 - test validation (Check if input mask used for post code is correct). Test 13 - test validation (Check discount only allows either 0% or 5%). Test 14 - test validation (Check field size for company name is 25). Corrective action: Tod's Tyres - The Practical Exercise 2004 1 Steven Duong ...read more.

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