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WANs in Organisations

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WANS IN ORGANISATIONS 1. WHY ARE WANS USED? Wide Area Networks, or WANs as they're commonly known, are networks with the ability to span quite a distance; usually 5 kilometres or more. The main reason for any network usually to allow the sharing of resources and WANs are no exception to this; whether it is sharing resources with an employee of your business or a customer's business, a WAN will allow data exchanges to be made. They also offer connectivity between both regional and global sites but differ from the Internet. This is looked at later in this information sheet. WANs allow for centralisation, particularly in administration which is important to allow a good level of control and security. 2. NETWORK DIFFERENCES WIDE AREA NETWORKS Wide Area Networks are networks that span a wide area. This is considered to be anything over around 5km meaning that a several site company will be using a WAN. ...read more.


It has a range of around 300m. PERSONAL AREA NETWORK This is any network that is in your immediate area; usually a network with a maximum distance of around 15m. It is important to note that this is usually a very simple network that it usually only has a temporary use. Wireless PANs are created by systems such as Bluetooth whilst USB and Firewire are both considered wired PANs when used to directly connect devices to each other. Distance Location Uses WAN 5km + Several Locations Connections private computers together over a large area. MAN 2km - 5km Several Buildings Part of a City Connections between several buildings possibly covering the same area. This could cover an entire city or just a smaller area. Campus 2km Several Buildings University Campus Style Most used in an area such as a campus. This could be either an actually college/university campus or a group of buildings that require access to each other. ...read more.


The major five are; maintenance, costs, expansion, technology, bandwidth and planning. MAINTENANCE Maintenance is important for any part of a system. Good maintenance will keep the WAN usable whereas no maintenance will lead to an unusable system. COSTS Costs are an extremely important part of network development. Lower costs means that more things can be changed at once, but costs also impact quality. TECHNOLOGY WANs can only develop at the speed that the technology is developed. At each network based technological breakthrough; the support for WANs is increased and improved. If technology does not keep up to speed with the needs of WAN users then the network will not work as effectively as it should. BANDWIDTH Bandwidth is very important for the network; without it nothing can be sent. If the amount of bandwidth needed by the network exceeds the amount of bandwidth that is available then problems concerning speed and errors are likely to arise. As bandwidth is improved (and the technologies needed to deliver said bandwidth), so are the speeds offered to business for their networks. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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