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AS DT specifiation

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Mohamed kherbouche



The primary function of a lamp is to light the area or environment that is it placed in.

The lamp will be used in contemporary environment because this type of environment id more suited to the lamp as it has calming basic colours and furniture and a calm and soothing area.

From conducting and completing my research on contemporary design I have found out that it must and should blend in with the environment it is placed in from modern to older environments to make the environment a more attractive and more of a original area to give it a one of a kind look and feel to the environment that it is placed in from its design to the colours and size.

In my primary research my question air i have given the costumers a choice of what colour they prefer and there fought of how they would like their lamp and how they like their house and decorations etc. Therefore asking them what design they think is the superior one and also offering them their own choice of what else to include on the lamp.

The lamp should be safe and fire resistance with soothing clam aesthetic colours to go with the room making the lightning and room relaxing and a pleasure of enjoying the way you relax or watch TV or anything you do in that room which you find appropriate, the design of the lamp should also be safe around pets and humans to not cause any damage or harm.

Secondary function of the lamp is an off and on switch which is easily accessible because it’s on the side of the lamp


What predict the size and dimensions of the lamp is the environment it is placed and what type of situation the lamp is designed for.

When designing my lamp i need to take on account the anthropometric data, this will help me with my research as to what the consumers expect of a lamp and its properties.

Ergonomics needs to be put in account as well as the lamp needs to be smooth and harm free humans and pets as consumers don’t want a lamp with pointy edges or sharp parts as it can be very dangerous .

From completing my question air and giving it out to get opinions and views I have found out that the target market would like.......

Going back to the questionnaire the most mentioned colour was...........

Looking back to my contemporary design research the colours are mainly basic with a striking look to them with chrome colours to give them a good look and eye-catching.

Looking at my industrial research, contemporary designs normally consist of domes for the top of the lamp while the stand comes in many different forms  using vacuum forming blow moulding and injection moulding and extrusion moulding which can be added to the lamp to give it better effects or thinner body.

In conclusion contemporary designs consist of domes, angular designs. Straight lines and bended lines rounded shapes and curved and simple clean lines.

Trends and fashions

The trends in our generation consists of easy and minimal designs to the product an example is the iPod which consists of an easy design yet it is one of the most known and popular mp3s in the market. the colours for products in the shop mostly consist of easy and good looking colours while most electronic equipment now come with a piano black effect  to give it a nice looking and touch to it to attract more of the costumers and the fashion it goes with as more people are wanting colour coordinated equipment example of this is an  Xbox 360 with a black TV, does not look right this relates back to my lamp and contemporary design with the lamp needing to fit in the environment and to match  colours with the room and furniture.


The lamp I am making must be aesthetically pleasing and attractive to get the costumers attention to get them to buy the product i have made. From my research of contemporary design the lamp must have fashionable colours and interesting, good quality, most be appropriate size for the room, smooth and shiny surface and it most follow this generation’s trends and fashion in the market.


in mind there are a lot of safety factors but not all of them have to be followed and taken in, the lamp must be fire resistance, must not have pointy edges must be safe from electric shock must not have toxic materials, must not become so hot resulting in the user being burnt, most be a high standard in quality and must be BSI certified containing the kit mark or CE mark also must have a fuse in the plug to prevent electric shock.

 these are the standards for BSI certification:

BS EN 61184 Bayonet lampholders

Gives requirements and tests for B15 and B22 lampholders.

BS EN 60360 Standard method of measurement of lamp cap temperature rise

Method to be used when testing tungsten filament or discharge lamps for compliance with the limits. Temperature-rise limits for particular lamps are listed in the relevant lamp standards.

BS EN 60617-8 Graphical symbols for diagrams

Measuring instruments, lamps and signalling devices.

BS EN 61547 Specification for equipment for general lighting purposes. EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) immunity requirements

Gives electromagnetic immunity requirements for lighting equipment, such as lamps, for connexion to a low-voltage electric supply or for battery operation.

BS EN 60598-1 Luminaires. General requirements and tests

BS EN 60598-2-4 Portable general purpose luminaires

For use with tungsten filament, tubular fluorescent and other discharge lamps on supply voltages not exceeding 250v.

BS EN 60598-2-23 Extra low voltage lighting systems for filament lamps

For ordinary interior use with a supply voltage not exceeding 1000v.

BS EN 61508-2-1 Cord Switches

Applies to cord switches for appliances switched on by hand, by foot or by other human activity for use in, on or with appliances and other equipment for household and similar purposes, with a rated voltage not exceeding 250 V and a rated current not exceeding 16 A.

BS EN 61184 Bayonet Lampholders

Gives requirements and tests for different types of 'bayonet' style lampholders.

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