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Creating a safety system for a swimming pool used by the public.

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GCSE Electronics - Stage 1 The problem At home my parents run a holiday park. One of the facilities that the park has is an outdoor swimming pool that is open throughout the summer months of the year. Due to health and safety laws within the PSOP (pool safety operating procedure) Swimming pools are required to have certain safety features. Swimming pools over a certain size are required to have a lifeguard, as our pool is smaller laws require that there should be a means of attracting the attention of staff should a problem within the swimming pool area arises. The second part of the problem is that only one of the doors that enters into the pump room are locked and although the door at the rear of the pump room is only accessible from through a gate it is possible that people can go through the gate and get into the pump room. ...read more.


quite possibly going to be wet so the trigger would have to be water resistant Needs to be reliable The Trigger needs to be clearly visible from all areas of the pool for people with and without eye problems Needs to be simple to operate and clear as to how to operate it Simple to use to enable a rapid response Loud enough so that staff can be informed and ensure a rapid response Make sure that isn't to hard to trigger Ensure that it is not to sensitive to prevent too many false alarms Needs to be key or code operated Location As the alarm system that I am going to design and make is for around swimming pool areas there are different design needs that need to be considered if the alarm was to be placed indoors in a dry area. Depending on which design I opt for at this stage I am predicting that part of the project will be undercover and other parts will be out in the open. ...read more.


parks and want to have a small inexpensive pool and intruder alarm or to the people who have swimming pools in there back gardens etc and want an inexpensive safety device. Either way there a many different types of media that I could use to market the product these include: > Television > Radio > National / Local Newspaper > Magazines > Internet > Post > Telephone sales > Existing stores The ways of marketing my product would be most effective if I was to: * Place an advert in swimming pool industry magazines, these magazines do reach a wide variety of readers from the big companies down to the small parks that I am targeting * To set up a website and open up an online shop where I could take direct orders from the public and advertise that site through search engines * Post flyers through to local businesses * Contact existing pool accessory shops and online shops and enquire about them selling my product on behalf of myself ...read more.

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