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It is important that Sarah is blind having access to speech and Braille output devices. But access to this assistive technology is not enough. In order for them to benefit fully from this technology, the educational software, applications software

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Special Needs - Student at college - unit 3c Introduction Today, technology plays a role in almost all educational, employment, and recreational activities. I am going to write about a disabled student with a blindness problem are studying in college, she is 17 years old and she called Sarah. She has a learning disability which affects seeing processing. Like many students with invisible disabilities, such as learning, he is sensitive to the attitudes and perceptions of member classmates and instructors about his need for a note taker in class. She is unenthusiastic to announce this need among his classmates, fearing perceptions of special treatment, invalid reasons, and negative stereotyping. At first the college said that it would be not appropriate for her to go as she has a learning disability. On the courses of her choice, creatively using technology to support her studies.. As well as writing assignments on adapted computers, Sarah uses technology for taking notes and accessing prospectus materials. And with effective use of the Internet she can access materials and information previously available only in print. Her blindness problem will benefit having her adapted computer system for her class work, home work and this may be portable. In addition, there is often the requirement to make use of college systems to access Intranet materials and Virtual Learning Environments. The difficulties she experience on a daily basis because of her problem. Special Needs - Student at college - unit 3c Category: PC Technology - Sarah needed to obtain lecture notes as a somewhere to live. She was too embarrassed to make such a request of her classmates. Although the student disability resource centre had provided paperwork and approval for financial damages for a note taker, nearly two weeks had passed and still no classroom volunteers were identified. There were several ways about Sarah's problems in classroom. For example she had to read by hands from the book in this collection. ...read more.


Personal life of Sarah has a variety of position. She is a writer, she writes books and she gives to teachers to read. To write a book she needs to use a voice synthesizer, which is mounted on her computer on her computer. This gives her a voice, and enables her to do her homework, writing books on her spare time and so on. She can pre-select what she wants to write about, so she can just choose the subjects she wants to talk about. She can also use a projector which is controlled by her computer which allows her to give presentations with ease. Sarah has difficulties with a few features include a sensible set in Multiplex text to voice synthesizer, it reads all her texts, Word documents, customizable display area, animated speaking character, eighteen different Voice outputs, adjustable speaking speeds, variable voice tones from low to high pitch, graphical sound output visual display and she can record the speech output as Wav format as well. In her future she will need the text to voice software comes with a set speech machine that gives a very high quality speech synthesis so that can make her work quicker and easier. The software has to be resigned for difficulty of use, and also it should be fast setup and interactivity. The voice synthesizer software runs on all Windows Systems and has adjustable speaking speeds as well as an aesthetically designed user line Features designed for ease of use and interactivity, realistic embedded Multiplex Text-To-Speech Synthesizer, Ultra-High Quality Sound Output, Reads all Text, RTF and Word documents, Customizable display area, Animated speaking character, Multiple Voice outputs, Adjustable speaking speed, Variable Voice Tones from Low to High Pitch, Graphical Equalizer sound-output visual display, Record speech output as Wav format, Software designed specifically for Kids, Fully graphical Windows based interface. The software is designed specifically for her with a fully graphical Windows based interface. ...read more.


The Disability Discrimination Act defines a disabled person as someone with a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. Discrimination occurs when someone treats Sarah with a disability less favourably than he treats other people and this treatment cannot be justified. Discrimination also occurs when a person fails to comply with a duty to make a reasonable adjustment in relation to the disabled person and the failure to do so cannot be justified. Four years on from the establishment of the first legal rights for disabled students, skill is publishing into higher education 2005, an informative and practical guide for disabled students considering applying to university or college. A reasonable adjustment is any steps that it is reasonable to have to take in all the circumstances. These adjustments should ensure Sarah arrangements or premises do not put disabled person at a disadvantage in comparison to a non-disabled person. Sarah would look at all the circumstances of the case before making a decision as to what constituted reasonable adjustments, for example things that have a bearing would be the financial cost of the adjustment and the availability to Sarah of financial or other help to assistance to help make an adjustment. The definition of disability So, for the purpose of my Coursework, I will not class Dyslexic users as a disabled person because the majority of dyslexic students are not affected so much to the extent whereby a substantial and long-term adverse effect is experienced on his/her ability to carry out common routine activities. However, I will choose to distinguish Dyslexic users as people with learning difficulties. I will include both my other users to be included under the definition of a disability. (Visually and physically impaired users) Sensory impairments are regarded as physical impairments and Visual impairments are therefore covered.cofe fer sefefew Naz Mariwan ICT Coursework ...read more.

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