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knitting fabrics

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Nicole Newman Textiles homework Knitted fabrics Weft knitting Weft-knitting fabric is made from continuous lengths of yarn, which is fed across the width of the fabric by a series of needles. Weft knits can be unravelled and if a stitch is dropped it will run down the length of the fabric, so weft-knitting fabric cannot be cut like woven fabric. This kind of knitting produces soft, comfortable that has variable stretch, depending on the structure. Hand made weft knitting can be make one off designer products, such as jumpers or cushions industrial computer-controlled knitting machines produced around 90 per cent of jersey, rib and jacquard fabrics. Warp knitting Warp-knitting fabrics are made on straight or circular CAD/CAM knitting machines. Each loop of the fabric is fed by its own separate yarn, which is fed into the knitting zone parallel to the fabric selvedge. These loops interlock vertically, along the length of the fabric. Warp knits have some elasticity, do not ladder and cant be unravelled. ...read more.


Twill Weave Twill weave products fabric with diagonal lines witch generally run bottom left to top right on the fabric face. Weaving twills in different directions produces weave variations, such as herringbone or chevron. Twill weave drapes well and is one of the most used weave constructions, making fabrics such as gabardine or denim. Twill is used for a wide range of products such as jackets, suit, trousers and curtains. - viyella is a 2/2 twill fabric woven from wool/cotton blend fibres in the warp and weft. Viyella fabrics are 55%wool 45%cotton and can have plain, checked or striped they are used for products such as shirts dresses and children's wear. Satin weave - a satin weave fabric is warp-faces, which makes it strong warp wise so it drapes well. Satin fabric has a smooth, shinny face and the weft shows only on the back. It is used for curtains linings evening wear upholstery, ribbons and trimmings depending on the fabric used - such as cotton polyester cotton acetate polyester silk. ...read more.


3. describe one quality check that would be performed during the assembly of this product. One quality that would be checked is the stitching is strong and long lasting you would sew the seam and then maybe pull on the seam hard to see if is pulled apart or if it stays strong. 4. explain how computer aided design (CAD) would be used to make sure that the minimum amount of fabric was used in cutting out the pattern pieces. CAD would be used to cut out fabric all at the same time so that they were all the same size. 5.what techniques could be used to produce the farm animal design on the bedspread? The techniques that could be used to make the farm animal are CAM could inbroyed the farm animals on to the bedspread also fabric panting could be used. 5. Describe the aesthetic qualities of the bedspread. The aesthetic and qualities of the bedspread are that cotton would leave a soft feel to bed spread also farm animals would be used as a good techniques as you have many ways of mounting the animal. ...read more.

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