Textiles essay on environmental factors, product life, manufacturing methods and maintenance in relation to products

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Designers and manufacturers have to take account of manufacturing methods. Maintenance, product life and environmental factors when designing. Discuss these four areas in relation to a product or a range of products. (22 Marks)

Designers and manufacturers have to take account of many things when designing products. I am going to discuss four areas that need to be taken into account which include environmental, manufacturing methods, product life and maintenance.

Designers and manufactures have to take many environmental factors into consideration. For example; designers need to take into account whether a product they are designing such as a top will be fair-trade or not so that they know whether or not they will need to use fair-trade fabrics to make the top which they would need to import. They would need to think about whether or not more people would prefer to buy fair-trade products due to ethical reasons which might increase the sales of the top if it is fair-trade so this would give an indication to the designer of how much money they would make from the top and how much fabric they would need to make the top if they were to make it fair-trade. Manufacturers would need to take into account the amount of pollution their machines in the factories are making and the effect on the environment. Pollution could also be created from chemical dyes which might be used to dye products such as t-shirts, so both designers and manufacturers need to take into consideration the pollution creating from dyeing these products. The environmental conditions of factories also play a part in environmental consideration for designers and manufacturers. This is because if environmental conditions in a factory are bad then this might make a product buyer less likely to want to buy the product if the labour conditions in factories are bad and unethical to the factory workers. This would mean that designers and manufacturers would need to monitor the factory conditions to make sure that things such as the temperature, air conditioning, hygiene and safety standards are maintained in the factories. If factory workers were working in a safer, more hygienic and more temperature controlled environment, then they would be more likely to buy the products created by the designers and manufacturers. The final environmental consideration for designers and manufacturers to take into account is the amount of landfill that their products might also create a lot of landfill in landfill sites which would be bad for the environment. This relates to maintenance and product life of a product as products which are not maintained or have a short product life are more breakable and have a shorter life-span so they will create more rubbish if they have to be thrown out. This is something that designers and manufacturers would have to take into account as they may need to consider the durability of the materials they use to make their products if they want it to give their products a longer life-span.

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Manufacturing methods is an area where designers and manufacturers have to take many of the different kinds of manufacturing methods into account such as using different types of technology to create designs for products and using different production systems to create and manufacture products. The first type of technology used is CAD which stands for computer aided design. This is a method of designing which allows designers to draw out their designs and then scan them onto a computer so that they can be edited in 2D and 3D. This allows designers to experiment with different colours and fabric designs ...

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