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Planning the Making and the manufacturing for the Future (in Quantity).

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Planning the Making and the manufacturing for the Future (in Quantity) This page consists of information and decisions that I would make if I was going to mass produce my product. I have thought about methods that can be used, Quality of the product (for example tolerance), cost and many other aspects. Case I made my case using vacuum forming. I have looked into other ways I could use to produce many cases that are the same. The main method I found that is worth considering is injection moulding. Injection moulding is a manufacturing process where heated plastic is forced into a mould cavity under pressure. A mould cavity is essentially a negative of the part being produced. The cavity is filled with plastic, and the plastic changes phase to a solid, resulting in a positive. The machines then use high pressure to mould the plastic, Because of the high pressures involved, the mould must be clamped shut during injection and cooling. The two main plastics used are thermoset which cannot be resoftened after being subjected to heat and pressures; and thermoplastic, which can be repeatedly softened and reshaped by heat and pressure. ...read more.


I will need to plan to change my plan to account for The injection moulding and for the C.A.D C.A.M. Circuit board. When I am producing my product in quantity I will use the same manufacturing order as before because this plan split up all the major parts of my manufacturing into sub-assembling groups meaning that time was used economically and mistakes could be spotted. When manufacturing my circuit board jigs will be very useful for drilling the holes into the correct places on the board. This jig will save time and keep the level of quality very high. I could do this on C.A.D C.A.M as explained in the case although this may not be worth doing as a jig would be more effective. All of the components used will need to be brought in. If you by the components in bulk then their value goes down, also with resistors if you buy a higher tolerance for example 20% instead of 10% then the price also goes down but this may result in the circuit board not working. The material for the circuit boards will also need to be brought in but the process of making the circuit can be done by us. ...read more.


Hazard Evaluation Tables. Process Hazard Prevention Treatment Soldering Burn Never touch end of soldering iron, carry with end pointing down, and keep in stand when not in use. Run burn under cold water for ten minutes. Contact teacher if burn is extremely bad. Electrocution Keep the wires well away from the heat. If u see someone getting electrocuted u must break the connection, this may be by turning of the plug or in a life or death scenario by breaking the persons arm. Toxic Fumes Use a fan to extract the fumes before they get to you. Don't burn solder unnecessarily. No initial treatment can be done other then standing out side. If irritation continues go to the doctor Eye irritation Were goggles, don't put fingers into eyes until they have been washed. Use an eye wash or use a tube from the tap into your eye to remove any pieces of solder. If irritation continues contact doctor. process hazard Prevention Treatment Drilling Cuts Keep hands away from drill end and pay attention at all times Run cut under water. If it is not bad leave to air, if is bad add compression and when bleeding has stopped add a plaster. Dust into eyes Wear goggles and clean area regularly. Wash eye at tape with water. May need a tube to direct water. Thomas Phelps 11lb Production analyse. ...read more.

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