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Robots.- the concept of a robot this project is concerned with, the history of robots in industry, a more detailed study on the robots market and the nations that use them, the current status of the industry, and possible future trends.

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Robots. Robots are needed in industry. They bring many benefits to workers as well as company owners by taking care of difficult and dangerous jobs and by being cost effective. They constitute another tool in manufacturing sites that contain, for example, advanced assembly lines. The concept of a robot goes back as far as the Egyptians time. Early ideas about the use of robots presented problems in terms of their functions to society and the way in which they affected the opportunities of skilled workers. However, robots managed to stay in industry for good. Presently, single purpose systems, like welding or palletizing robots, are dominating the market. At the beginning of 1998, analysts estimated the robotics industry at $8 billion worldwide. Further developments in the robotics field will be driven by the development in related industries such as the industry of sensors and the industry of chips. Future customers will probably ask for robots with more autonomous capabilities. This idea is driving robot-manufacturing companies to consider new developmental areas in the field of robotics. In general, the sections below will basically explore, in order, the concept of a robot this project is concerned with, the history of robots in industry, a more detailed study on the robots market and the nations that use them, the current status of the industry, and possible future trends. ...read more.


This could be good or bad. If humans perform their aggressive acts by sending machines out to fight other machines, that would be better than sending humans out to fight other humans. Teams of robots could be used to defend a country against attacks while limiting human casualties. Either way, human nature is the flawed component that's here to stay. Job Displacement Some people are concerned that robots will reduce the number of jobs and kick people out of their jobs. This is almost never the case. The net affect of advanced technology such as robots (or cars, electric drills and other machines) is that humans become more productive. Disadvantages of continuing advancements on Robotics Continuing advancements on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, really one in the same, poses many potential hazards. Due to the advantages of silicon-based over carbon-based life forms, they could replace or enslave us, due to superior strength, speed, and lack of morals inherent with AI - among many other things. For one, they would be able to self-replicate, which would make them nearly impossible to stop. With their built-in intelligence, they could make duplicate upon duplicate of themselves in a short amount of time. ...read more.


AI can be seen as an attempt to model aspects of human thought on computers. It is also sometimes defined as trying to solve by computer any problem that a human can solve faster. Examples of AI problems are computer vision (building a system that can understand images as well as a human) and natural language processing (building a system that can understand and speak a human language as well as a human). These may appear to be modular, but all attempts so far (1993) to solve them have foundered on the amount of context information and "intelligence" they seem to require. My Thoughts I think that robots are good and better the workplace to make jobs easier and quicker. Also they can perform dangerous task such as jobs with chemicals. It is better for the employee because they are cheap and can work 24 hrs, but the workers are out of a job. Technology is changing all the time and robots are becoming more and more powerful. We all depend on robots very much and this dependency will grow. But robots can break down or get a virus. But over all I think robots will become better and better. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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