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The Mind of the Chemist

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TAN WEI JIE JOEL (31) 3.11 27/01/04 The Mind of the Chemist Chemistry is the central of sciences. Chemistry is based on physics, applied to the transformation of one substance into another at molecular level. It is the basis for modern technology at sub-cellular level. Therefore of the three basic science disciplines, chemistry is the central. Physics is applied on the chemistry of materials and compounds such as semi conductors and metals. Biology and modern medicine is mostly based on organic chemistry. A chemist is a philosopher who studies substances both natural and artificial and works out how they can be of use be it good or bad to society. ...read more.


Chemistry is definitely all around us. From the building materials to the medicine we take, chemistry plays an essential role. For example your building materials, chemical reactions are used to produce stronger more durable materials. The onus on a chemist is heavy and the play a vital role in the advancement of the sciences today. For example, during the green revolution, it was chemical fertilizers that played a major part of feeding the worlds booming population. Perhaps another example would be when you wash your clothes. Has it occur to you that chemistry is involved in the making of bleach or fabric softener? ...read more.


The discoveries made by chemists are fundamental to the products and technologies that are part of a modern society. Management of impact of modern society on the environment is the driving force behind new developments in disciplines such as physics, geology, materials sciences, biochemistry, medical sciences and astronomy. Basically, a chemist is a scientist who works out "chemical facts" by experimentation and repetition of experiment. The mind of a chemist is responsible, taking into account any ethical impact on society it may cause. The mind of a chemist is evolving, always challenging past theories, advancing upon old ideas, and discovering new facts. ...read more.

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