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The use of sound enhances interface design

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By selecting a multimedia systems environment and an office type system's environment, discuss the following in the context of each interface's typical users. The use of sound enhances interface design It is a fact that most of the technological innovations rely upon User Interface Design in order to elevate their complexity to a usable product. Technology may not be accepted by users on its own. Unfortunately, the key factor for this acceptance is the user experience and how the user experiences the product (User Interface Design & Usability Testing,2005). This is where User Interface Design gets involved. User Interface Design is also known as the Human-Computer Interaction or HCI. While people often think of Interface Design in terms of computers, it also refers to many products where the end-user interacts with controls or displays (reference). Airports, audio equipment, military aircrafts can be shown as an example of products that apply User Interface Design. The most important point of a User Interface Design can be defined as the difference between the product acceptance and rejection in the market. The product will not be successful if the users of the product find it hard to use or too complex. Being easy to understand and usability are the most effective points for a good interface design. In everyday life people communicate using all their senses, with information in one sensory modality being backed by data from the others (Stephen Brewster, Providing a Model For The Use Of Sound In User Interfaces). ...read more.


It is possible to say that the main purpose of sound usage in most games is to increase the feeling of immersion. Hence ambiance sound and music are generally a main focus of this work. The diversification of foley effects is also important to avoid boring feeling of repetition due to short loops of music (Processes and Tools for Sound Design in Computer Games). Additionally, spoken dialogues between the characters of the game are common features. The dialogues between the characters are generally real human voices which are recorded. Music and the sound of the ambience generally relies on some midi file loops. As most of us have all experienced, most video games jump from scene to scene and background music provides continuity. When the player moves from a scene to another scene, the sound must move from one set of loops to another. Many games use non-interactive animations, called cinematic, to present the narrative aspects of the game. This part of the sound design is similar to the work done in the classical audio visual fields (Processes and Tools for Sound Design in Computer Games). We can consider the terrific ambient sounds of the game "Resident Evil", the effects of which compound the tension and horror as you attack the zombies. Even early games like Space Invaders earned much of their addictive appeal by getting into your head with thumping, repetitive sound schemes. ...read more.


The Desktop Alert contains the buttons which are to open, flag, or delete the e-mail message. As Buxton (1989) says that "we are all visually disabled at various times"; if the vision channel of a human being is over loaded " we are impaired in our ability to assimilate information through the eyes". It is possible to not to notice an e-mail if you have been sitting in front of the computer for hours. The desktop alert feature can be an extreme advantage in situations like above. Additionally, if your organization uses Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services or Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server to store and manage documents on a Web site, you can receive an e-mail notification when content on the Web site changes (Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, 2005). Alerts will notify you from changes to the documents, list items, surveys, or even search results, in order to make you more effective by easily staying up-to-date with relevant information. As well as that, you can also create alerts for lists and libraries, as well as for individual items. It is also possible to specify what kind of changes you would want to be notified of. For example, you can receive a warning when a file is added or deleted (Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, 2005). In order to summarize, Microsoft Outlook 2003, seems to have the potential to be a good product in the context of its new improved user interface. I believe most of the users will find it excellent in terms of the user interface. Word count: 1434 (excluding the topic and the assignment question) ...read more.

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