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Adapt a scene from an existing film and modify it to our own version using group participation.

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Skills Profile Anya Jones INTRODUCTION: The first assignment that we have been set is to adapt a scene from an existing film and modify it to our own version using group participation. I will record my initial skills and relevant knowledge before we start the course and review, monitor and compare them to my development and progress through out and at the end of the project when I will give an overall summary. INITIAL SKILLS + RELEVENT KNOWLEDGE: Skills that I have already aquired are: Camera : The use of digital and SLR camera } creating still frames and editing short films (moving images).Therefore I have prior knowledge about such things as fish eye lens, shutter speed and tripod. ...read more.


producing a film is a very long process and there are a great deal of stages you go through until you have the final product. MY TARGETS: As I don't have a lot of knowledge about video productions I would like to improve and develop my technical and initial skills throughout this project ,so I can take what I have learnt and experienced to make the next project more professional. For example I will learn and use relevant terminology for equipment used in video production. I want to make full use of equipment, in the studio and editing suite and become aware of the health and safety rules so I can use it efficiently. ...read more.


We will be working within groups so it is vital that I work on my communication skills, because a lack of communication could be the down fall of achieving high-quality results. On the other hand it is also important that I carry out my own independent research, planning and monitoring, as we will not always be working within groups as well as being good character building. I will show my final products (portfolio work) to a lot of different people so I can get a wider range of feedback to respond to. At the end of this project I hope to have a deeper understanding into video production, and I hope to have stimulated my creative thinking towards producing and editing my own films. ...read more.

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