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gregorys girl

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Gregory's girl coursework Gregory's girl is a play about teenagers who do not apply to the normal stereotype of men and women in society. The play was set in Scotland in 1984 it is about teenagers and their problems. In the play it was set in a large council estate with a lot of children this suggests maybe vast poverty and incredibly large families. Gregory is about 15 years old he lives in Scotland he plays in a foot ball team where he was a striker. At the end of the play he is demoted to goal keeper this was because is wasn't very good at foot ball and lost many games. We know this when we hear "its only 8 games you've lost" this suggests he is to blame for the teams down full and is not a good football player. Gregory lives in a large council estate with his mum, dad and his little sister Madeline. In the story Gregory doesn't seem to get along with his mum and dad. ...read more.


But they maybe surprised about Dorothy's ability's on the football pitch because stereotypically boys are meant to be better than girls. But this breaks the rules a bit and so does Gregory because he would be a good football player in a stereotypical play. So this is the first thing the audience sees about Gregory and this must interest them that these two characters have different and unusual stereotypes. Also when Gregory sees Dorothy for the first time he enters his fantasy land and dreams about her. We know this when he is looking at Dorothy and says "look at that control" he also says "body contact" and also when he says "id pick her from any angle". Gregory shows a bit of stereotype when he fantasises about Dorothy boys are seen as people her fantasise about the opposite sex quite often. When Gregory tells Steve that he is in love Steve thinks it's just a phase and doesn't really believe Gregory is being serious. ...read more.


Dorothy knows him" this shows this also suggests she is into older men. Forsyth includes Gregory and Susan dancing together he uses this to demonstrate how alike they are and how weird to Dorothy is seen running past on a training run this shows it was a plan made to get them together. This also shows that Dorothy is the weird one not Gregory. Madeline tells Richard "it's not easy...... having a dissent brother.... I try to help" Madeline shows her maturity here some of the words she uses are long and shows great maturity. This statement shows a lot about this 10year old girl like she is always helping Gregory with things and much more. Conclusion "Madeline is Gregory's girl" I think this statement is true and is back up by the play and the film where Gregory is very protective over Madeline. Like when Madeline's boyfriend comes round he doesn't like him much. So yes I think this statement is correct. Dorothy and Gregorys relationship was never formed and you lose hope but there is a possibility that Susan could replace Dorothy to Gregory. ...read more.

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