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Shirley valentine use of language

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Use of Language As in most plays, the use of language is substantial and holds an essential role in the delivery of the production. In 'Shirley Valentine' there are several aspects of the use of language which contribute to the final product. A salient feature of the play would include the accent and dialect used throughout the whole play by Shirley. We're not directly told that she's from Liverpool, but we are able to establish the characters background purely from her accent and the colloquialisms she uses. Shirley's scouse is emphasized through the contrast of the heightened language she uses. An example of this would be when she adopts a posh accent in regards of going the 'facking loop' she says: 'yes Joseph I rather think I have'. This alteration in speech adds a facetious tone to her opinion on her relationship with her husband as well as on her own class. Shirley also adds an emphasis on the comparison between the cockney Manchester accent we hear from Jeanette and Douggie and their juxtaposition to scouse. The only other disparity in accents that we sense throughout the play is that of Costas, with a sexy Greek almost broken English, enhancing the effect of the sexy Greek man, it augments the aura of the exotic origins of 'Christopher Columbus'. ...read more.


However though the questions are presumably a hunt for endorsement, Shirley is assertive with her delivery of her reservations. She articulates them in an assertive and stubborn manner, as if the wall does not have a choice but to agree with her, which of course is in fact the case. The play is very written in the way that there are many links which have been made between the texts, the beginning ties in beautifully to the end with the irony of repetition. The development we see in Shirley's character between the first and second acts becomes more evident as she uses the same words but in advanced circumstances. In my opinion the best example of this is 'Greek inventions...the wheel', the initial time that the wheel is mentioned Shirley is dismissed for using it, whereas the second time, she rose above the people surrounding her, though people near her are still in favor of distancing the conversation topic of the wheel, it is very differently portrayed in it's use in the second act. Her statement is acknowledged. A rather difference effect of repetition can be seen through the continuous use of the word clitoris. Clitoris is not a word which would be comfortably used in society without either scientific reference or without the intention of insulting someone, it is a word which carries a certain ...read more.


This is an element which I found quite interesting as it's ironic how they find comforts in inanimate objects but refuse to talk to each other about their problems, which in theory, would be the sane thing to do. to aid us in our understanding of the reported speech we used each hand as a different character with 'he said/ she said' techniques. My partner showed a very natural approach t using gestures in differentiating between characters and managed to adopt the tone for each character whereas I found that though the hands created a visual aid, the process assisted me to understand the reported speech, however I found it easier to provide the characters whose speech I would be reporting with a characterization if I did it without using hand gestures As well as appreciating the language used, the non spoken word also adds substantial effects to the play. Examples would include dramatic pauses, dashes, or question marks at the end of sentences which would require the pitch to be raised slightly as the sentence comes to a conclusion. My favorite line is 'you know she's walking through this torrential rain and I guarantee not one drop of it was landing on her', I believe it to be a beautiful image of Shirley idolizing Marjorie Majors to the degree that she has given her an infinite godliness, which paints a stunning picture with contrast to the 'torrential rain'. Af ...read more.

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