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Talking Heads - Comparing the characters of Lesley out of her big chance and Doris from a cream cracker under the settee.

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Talking Heads Essay I am Comparing the characters of Lesley out of her bit chance and Doris from a cream cracker under the settee. Both a cream cracker and her big chance are monologues taken from Alan Bennett's highly successful talking heads series. Which were originally wrote for television in 1987. But has been released as a book and is now being performed on stage The effect the monologue form has on the audience is that the audience feel that the character are talking directly to them and sharing their lives with them. And the fact that there is only one-character helps the audience focus on the characters personality and what they are saying. And helps the audience to form a connection with the character. ...read more.


Its all industrialised" '. To start with the audience response to Doris is that is a loopy old woman she sounds crazy when she says 'We're cracked, Wilfred' she is talking to a crack photo frame when she says this. But by the end of the monologue the audience are very sympathetic with Doris and are sad when she decides that she would rather die than go into Stafford house. Bennett provokes the audience to laugh with Doris through the 'A Cream Cracker Under The Settee'; while in 'Her Big Chance' the audience are laughing at Lesley. There are a few similarities between Doris and Lesley they are both perfectionist in a way even though Lesley says she's one but she is actually a terrible actress and Doris is a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning. ...read more.


when he was still-born and her husband Wilfred and all his wacky schemes that he could never be bothered to do like his idea of 'the growing mushrooms in the cellar saga'. The audience get the impression that Doris lives in a council house in an area with lots of more crime has appeared since she first lived there. Lesley does not reveal much about her life mainly because she is not like Doris, were Doris is going to die and she is kind of reflecting on her life. Lesley lives in Bromley; which isn't really where you would imagine a so-called brilliant professional actress like her self to live. The low budget soft porn film Lesley is in was film was set/filmed in the Lee-On-Solent which is a rather tacky holiday resort So in retrospect Lesley and Doris's character are completely different. ...read more.

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