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“A Christmas Carol Is Nothing More Than A Children’s Fairytale?” How Far Do You Agree With This Statement?

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"A Christmas Carol Is Nothing More Than A Children's Fairytale?" How Far Do You Agree With This Statement? If one was to read Christmas Carol it can be arguably interpreted as having some characteristics of what a children's fairytale would contain. If one was to analyse what was a children's fairytale it would contain things such as; it being a short story, a happy ending, being set in a land of ...read more.


However if one was to interpret the Christmas Carol and start to analyse the varied language structures of metaphors, similes and imagery this novella becomes far from a simple fairytale but a stunning piece of literature. The Christmas Carol does have some elements of a fairytale such as a simple plot in which an old miser is visited by four supernatural beings and manages to change in the course of a night into a warm human being. ...read more.


The third phantom ghost who visits Scrooge is probably the most heavily caricatured character of Dickens with his 'ghostly eyes intently fixed upon him'. This is only one example of exaggerating the horror of this certain ghost but the fact that Dickens uses this with many of his other characters, such as when he describes the family Cratchit and their actions with their Christmas dinner, 'singing in the copper' Obviously suggests a fairytale like theme and ultimately creates 'goodies' and 'baddies' in his story. ...read more.

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