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A culture gains more than loses from Romanticising its past. Discuss

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´╗┐Reflective Response #2 I believe a culture gains more than loses from Romanticizing its? past. To me romanticizing means to gloss over the unpleasant parts of the past. It is not good to dwell on the past, but sometimes dwelling on the past is important in remembering what others have done for you. Romanticism was a time where it was only about man and nature, for this to happen men should shun society in favor of nature, in order to rediscover themselves. I agree with this theory mostly until romanticizing the past causes one to lose and forget important things. ...read more.


Society has a huge impact on how someone lives their life because of the different influences. These people can be the reason why you might think your life is predestined to be good or bad. In this case, rejecting society is a gain in the culture to actually live life the way you want to, without anyone else?s input. Romanticizing the past is all about forgetting about what happened before and thinking about the future. If there was anything important, significant, or worth remembering, it would be overlooked. I think that this becomes a lost in a culture especially since there will be no honor given to anyone who gave their life for any cause that happened in the past. ...read more.


Act, act in the living Present! Heart within, and God o?erhead!? (Longfellow 21-24). This is basically telling me not to dwell in the past, to live in the present because the future is uncertain. Romanticizing overall has its gains and lost. Being able to live life to the fullest without any regrets from the past is a great thing. In modern American culture we call this YOLO (you only live once) a phrase used by myself and many other 21st century Americans; very similar to how the 19th century American culture lived. While we have these gains there is a loss of honor, and excepting the past for what it is. This is what I believe a culture gains or losses by romanticizing its past. ...read more.

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